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Kline, Major General

Major General Kline -- Played by Tony Craig

Major General Kline

First Appearance: "The Breed."

Quote: Jesse: "Maybe I could take a look at those schematics just to make sure."
Major General Kline: "The fence specs are classified. Your team took a big risk going in there."
Jesse: "That's what we do."
Kline: "What makes them think they can succeed where our resources have failed?"
Jesse: "Let's just say we have some pretty unique resources of our own."
Kline: "Such as?"
Jesse: "That's classified."

Details: Major General Kline was in charge of maintaining the quarantine around Fort Perry after Dr. Vincent Arrigo's parasite began infecting people within the base. After persuasion by Lexa Pierce's Dominion contacts, he allowed Mutant X access to the compound, and was able to call off the bombers just in time to prevent them from destroying the site once the infection had been eradicated.

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