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Lanchester, Harvey

Harvey Lanchester -- Played by Roman Podhora

Harvey Lanchester.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Combustion).

First Appearance: "Dancing on the Razor."

Quote: "Where'd he think he was going?"

Details: A psychotic psionic with the ability to propel microwaves from his brain, Harvey Lanchester was the GS agent who could quite literally “cook you from the inside out.” Mason Eckhart assigned him to destroy reporter Jay Minhaus’s recording of Brennan Mulwray and Jesse Kilmartin using their abilities against GS agents–before Jay could send it to Proxy Blue as proof of new mutants’ existence. Unsure of which employee had created the disk, Harvey murdered everyone at Jay’s workplace and torched the building. On learning that the perpetrator was still alive under Mutant X protection, Harvey tracked Shalimar Fox down and tortured her until Emma deLauro intervened, pretending to be Mason. When Jay appeared, Shalimar crushed the disk and Harvey killed him. Harvey then turned his deadly microwaves on Shalimar, but Emma used her psionic blast to reflect them back to him, burning him to death.

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