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LaPorta, Tony

Tony LaPorta -- Played by Jason Jazwary.

Tony LaPorta.

Mutant Type: Molecular (Force-fields).

First Appearance: "Cirque des Merveilles."

Quote: Lexa: "Who did this?"
Tony: "It’s The Creator. You have to stop him."

Details: Tony was a top Dominion operative who was forced to flee The Dominion after uncovering forbidden secret information. In order to eradicate him, The Dominion allowed him to believe that Deklin Charvet’s Cirque des Merveilles was a safe hiding place instead of the new mutant death camp it actually was. Mutant X tried to save Tony by infiltrating the circus, but moments after they had convinced Diane Taylor to release him from his alternate dimension prison mirror-world, a Dominion sniper shot him. With his dying breath, Tony warned them to beware of The Creator.

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