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Larkin, Billy

Billy Larkin -- Played by Jonathan Watton

Billy Larkin.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal).

First Appearance: "Inferno."

Quote: Ray!Emma: "Tell me why you set those fires."
Billy: "Because I can. Because it’s something I can do. You were the hero and I was the wannabe. Do you know what it’s like, living under that shadow day in and day out? Constantly being reminded what a failure I am? Until one day I discovered there’s something I can do that no one else can. And it feels good. And for once, something feels good."

Details: Thermal elemental Billy Larkin was the brother of fire marshall Ray Larkin. Jealous of the hero status his brother had attained, Billy believed that his ability to create fires was the only thing that made him special. He had lit several fires around his own home, and was spreading out around the city when Ray became obsessed with finding the mystery arsonist. After his brother was killed in one of the fires he had started, Billy's activities escalated. Emma deLauro, who had established a psionic connection with Ray which continued after his death, finally wrung a confession from Billy by questioning him in Ray's voice. Refusing to turn himself in, Billy tried to burn down Mulligan's Tavern around them. Shalimar Fox was able to save Emma from the flames just in time, but Billy was engulfed in fire and perished.

Jonathon Watton

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