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Larkin, Ray

Ray Larkin -- Played by Alan Van Sprang

Ray Larkin.

First Appearance: "Inferno."

Quote: Dispatch officer: "Hold your position. Police and fire backup are being notified. Code 2."
Ray: "Nah, can't do it. I'm going in."
Dispatch officer: "Ray, I don't think..."
Ray: "Don't worry about me. I've got an angel on my shoulder."

Details: Fire Marshall Ray Larkin and his wife Lisa were a happy couple. Ray considered himself safe while entering dangerous situations because Lisa was the "angel on his shoulder." One day, Ray was burned to death in a fire during an arson investigation. Emma deLauro, who was psionically connected with him at the time of his death, retained some impressions from Ray’s mind for a time. With Lisa’s help, Emma was able to use Ray’s knowledge to find and confront the arsonist, Ray’s thermal molecular brother Billy. Though she was unable to save Billy's life, a grateful Ray released her and moved on to the next dimension. Afterwards, Emma returned to Lisa's home to tell her what had happened and to present her with Ray's watch.

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