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Lavista, Carlos "The Tiger"

Carlos "The Tiger" Lavista -- Played by Michael A. Miranda

Carlos "The Tiger" Lavista.

First Appearance: "Wages of Sin."

Quote: Kristen: "Who are you?"
Carlos: "The Tiger. That's all you need to know."

Details: Carlos entered the bidding for Dominique's deadly prion weapon under the alias "The Tiger." When Shalimar Fox and Brennan Mulwray witnessed him testing the weapon on one of his colleagues, Carlos fled after throwing a knife at Brennan. Jesse Kilmartin traced his license plate back to Kristen Greg's Westland Casino, where the auction was to be held. Finding Lexa Pierce in his hotel room holding his wallet, Carlos tried to shoot her. Lexa kicked him off the third story balcony, but by the time she looked down, he had vanished. Carlos turned up again in the middle of the auction, just in time to blow Brennan's cover.

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