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12 January 2016 @ 12:12 am

Ledeker -- Played by Greg Bryk


First Appearance: "In the Presence of Mine Enemies."

Quote: Ledeker: "I'm not sure I understand, Miss MacEvoy. The GSA has the most advanced computer systems that money can buy. Why bother with all this junk?"
Kendra: "Money can buy an awful lot. It can't buy a cracker's instinctual grasp on cyberspace. There may be a lot of secrets buried amongst this 'junk' that might save us decades of development."
Ledeker: "But I could be in here for days!"
Kendra: "And what's your point, exactly?"

Details: GS agent Mr. Ledeker was assigned to search Toni Quintana’s Data Dive machinery for any usable data. After looking for hours, he did manage to uncover the software Toni used to infiltrate Sanctuary’s computer, but Toni mauled him before he could alert Kendra MacEvoy. When Jesse Kilmartin rushed in to rescue Toni, he saw Ledeker strangling her, and knocked him into some live wires in an open computer panel, which electrocuted him.free hit counter