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Lit Fuse: Episode #107.

Tag: Adam leads the Mutant X team on a mission to protect Ashley Elliot, a new mutant whose insatiable consumption of electricity is causing city-wide blackouts. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Elizabeth Keyishian, David L. Newman, and Tom Fudge;
Directed by John Bell (XI)
Gordon Currie....Neil Cross
Mark Lutz....Eric Tanner
Moya O'Connell....Ashley Elliott
Reuben Thompson....James Henshaw

Official Synopsis: When a power failure sweeps across the city, Adam (John Shea) attributes the blackout to rumors he's heard about new mutants with a desperate hunger for energy. Adam conducts a search on the new mutant database and finds that there are three possible suspects. He concludes that the energy-absorber is most likely mutating, which would undoubtedly cause an insatiable and irrepressible physical need for electrical power. At Genomex, Eckhart (Tom McCamus) scolds his hired bounty hunter, Cross (Gordon Currie), for failing to capture power hungry new mutant Ashley Elliot (Moya O'Connell) so that Eckhart can exploit her as a weapon to wipe out an enemy's power grid. Meanwhile, Eric (Mark Lutz), Ashley's boyfriend who was captured earlier by Cross, contacts her by cell phone, telling her he is being held in a Quonset hut on an abandoned air force base. The line suddenly goes dead and Ashley immediately sets out to rescue Eric, but is captured by Cross when she arrives at the hut. Following Adam's orders, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) disguise themselves as investigators and comb the power station looking for clues. When the two find female footprints scorched in the grass outside the station, they deduce that the culprit is Ashley. Near the footprints, they also find a cigar butt, which they bring back to Sanctuary. The analysis reveals the presence of Cross's DNA. Tracing Cross's recent purchases, the team discovers that he has been shipping items to Nichols Air Force Base. At the Quonset hut, one of Eckhart's men, agent James Henshaw (Reuben Thompson), pays Cross for his services. When he orders his men to take Ashley, she suddenly becomes hysterical. As the agents try to restrain her, she is able to draw energy out of a nearby panel and fights them off. In the chaos, Cross becomes irate when he discovers that he's been given only half of the money he was promised. Jesse (Forbes March) and Shalimar burst on the scene just as Henshaw shoots Ashley with an implant gun. Shalimar knocks Henshaw unconscious, and she and Jesse escape with Ashley. Back at Sanctuary, there is an instant attraction between Brennan (Victor Webster) and Ashley, despite the fact that she's frantic that her boyfriend Eric is still being held by Cross. In private, Adam warns Brennan that Ashley's feelings for him are purely electromagnetic, and that she's a dangerous threat to him. Later, when Ashley gets a message from Eric saying that Cross is going to kill him, she goes to Brennan for comfort. Unable to control her sudden hunger, Ashley draws an arc of electricity out of Brennan and absorbs him into her body as pure energy, causing him to vanish. Now possessing all of Brennan's powers, Ashley heads for the hangar, shooting Shalimar with a bolt of electricity when she tries to stop her. When Adam learns that Ashley has taken the VTOL aircraft and absorbed Brennan, he contacts her on the comlink and tells her that Eric lied and is actually working for Cross. Ashley enters the Quonset hut and confronts Cross, who confirms that Eric double-crossed her. Cross captures Ashley yet again and calls Eckhart to tell him to have Henshaw bring the rest of his money, unaware that the Mutant X team is tapping into the conversation. Adam, suddenly realizing that Ashley must be running low on energy, tells the others that if Ashley dies, Brennan will die too. If Ashley draws power with Brennan inside her, the consequences could be even more devastating. Overriding the system, Emma brings the VTOL aircraft back and the team rushes out to find Ashley. Adam is confident that once Ashley starts drawing energy from the power station, they will have a brief window to break down the spark gap, which will allow them to pull Brennan safely from her. The transmission successfully releases Brennan from Ashley unharmed, but Cross gets too close to her in the process and is electrocuted. Back at Sanctuary, Adam readjusts Ashley's electrochemical balance, eliminating her desperate need to feed on energy. Ashley apologizes to Brennan and he takes her to a safehouse where they bid each other a sad goodbye.

Jesse: Trust Proxy Blue to have her own generator.
Adam: Off. I'm beginning to loathe that computer generated trouble-maker.
Jesse: She's the only thing on the air. C'mon, you've gotta hear something about what's going on out there.
Adam: Well, sometimes nothing is better than an endless stream of paranoia.

Mason: Put that out, Mr. Cross. Now.

Mason: I expected better from you, Mr. Cross.
Neil Cross: Well, that’s just because my track record makes your GS agents look like losers.
Mason: I won’t argue with that.

Jesse: Leaves of Grass.
Brennan: Yeah. Poetry happens to help me relax, and Whitman's a geat poet.
Jesse: Now a good cheroot--that's relaxing.
Brennan: Well, at least we agree on something. Good poetry, a good cigar go hand and hand.
Jesse: Yeah, well we both know you'd rather be out looking for her.
Brennan: Yeah, of course. C'mon, who's more qualified to find her than me? With my electrical charge, I'm the best bait there is.
Jesse: And of course that's the only reason, right? The fact that she is so hot she could make your eyes bleed has nothing to do with it, right?
Emma: She's just your type, Brennan. Beautiful, vulnerable, dangerous...
Brennan: You too? You know, the two of you make it sound as if the only thing I think about is sex. Truth is, I only think about sex half the time.
Jesse: The other half he's thinking about poetry.
Emma: Which just makes him think more about sex.
Brennan: Yeah, but you're not supposed to know that.

Adam: Brennan, this doesn’t mean this is gonna happen to you.
Brennan: We’re genetically related, though, right?
Adam: Well, yeah, you’re all elementals. But you know, the similarity ends there. Besides, I’ll be monitoring you.
Brennan: Yeah, well, Jesse and I will go check out the station.
Adam: No, no, no. Shalimar and Emma will do that first thing in the morning. I want you and Jesse to work the data from here.
Brennan: Why? What’s the problem?
Adam: Well, the problem is that this new mutant consumes energy, right? So think of it like this. If this rogue elemental’s a DC power, you’re AC. So you two get together, it could be explosive. Brennan, it’s potentially lethal.

Shalimar: You got all that from a cigar butt?
Adam: Well, it was well-chewed. Left plenty of genetic residue behind.
Shalimar: That’s nice.

Mason: It is imperative that you carry no electrical devices on your person when you make the arrest. Make certain you are not within a 50 yard radius of any powerlines, power stations, transformers, or any electrical unit emitting over 500 volts...and you'll be fine.

Neil Cross: You're wearing rubber soles, right?

Jesse: I’ll take it from here.
Shalimar: You should have listened to my friend here when you had the chance.

Shalimar: I think I know how you feel.
Ashley: You haven't the faintest idea how I feel!
Shalimar: Being pulled in two different directions? I mean, you wanna help your boyfriend, but there's Brennan right in front of you.

Ashley: Is he your boyfriend?
Shalimar: No. He's more like a brother.
Ashley: So this isn't about you protecting your turf?
Shalimar: No, it's not.

Jesse: Ashley, have you seen Brennan?
Ash-nan: He’s around.

Adam: What happened?
Shalimar: He tried to stop Ashley.
Jesse: She hit me with an electric charge, and then took off in the Double Helix.
Adam: Ashley?
Emma: She doesn’t throw energy, she absorbs it.
Shalimar: And how does she know how to operate the Helix?
Emma: Where’s Brennan?

Mason: Mr. Cross has become a liability.
James Henshaw: I couldn't agree more.
Mason: How delightful to have your support. I want you to go out to Station 12.
James: One problem with that, sir. Cross blames me personally for the previous incident, and I feel that if--
Mason: I have no interest in how you feel. Shoot Mr. Cross, and for God's sake this time make sure he's dead!

Shalimar: Remind me: Never date an elemental.
Jesse: I don't think Brennan's gonna need any more reminding.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, we're gonna remind him anyway.

Trivia & Nitpicks: Sanctuary's computer has a voice stress analyzer. Remember this for "Altered Ego."

Proxy Blue is apparently local as Jesse comments that she must have a generator when the power is out.

The name of The City's electric company is Trans El.

Subdermal governors don’t work on new mutants who are actively mutating.

This is the first time the Double Helix is in stealth mode.

Brennan reads Walt Whitman to relax.

Ashley somehow manages to transform Brennan into pure electricity and then abosorb him, despite the fact that he merely channels electricity; his DNA is not a constant state of flux between energy and matter as Barry Sterling's was in "Kilohertz."

Yet once he's inside of her, some part of him is apparently still intact as Brennan, for Emma is able to connect to his mind to find out where he's gone. Even odder is the fact that once Ashley has absorbed him, she acquires some of his personality traits, such as his disregard for Jesse, his love of Walt Whitman, his ability to create tesla coils, and his knowledge of how to fly the Double Helix. Just bizarre.

In spite of the laws of physics and common sense, Brennan re-materializes--not where he was absorbed--but conveniently on the big X on the floor the Helix once Emma reverses the polarity of...something. Ta-da!

It's amazing that Shalimar manages to find Cross's well-chewed cigar for DNA analysis, conveniently ignoring all the other cigarette butts probably strewn about the lot. Then again, perhaps people don't litter or smoke in the MXverse, and any evidence of one who does both must be indicative of an unstable, nefarious mind.

Ashley Elliot: How did you know I fell in love with this?
Brennan: Let's just say I got to know you a little.
Ashley: Maybe a little too well. But uh, I'll never tell.
Brennan: Neither will I.

This is dropped, and it's hard to tell if it's just the hundreds of things going on in your head you wouldn't want anyone else to know about, or something more sinister. (Brennan's a GSA mole, really a woman, part of the Russian Mafia, constantly chatting up women to cover up his undying love for Jesse...)

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 0 (Although who knows what he was wearing while inside Ashley?) Adam Kisses: 0 Freak mentions: 0 Food intake: 0 (except for Ashley's electricity binges)

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