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Lockhart, Zack

Zack Lockhart -- Played by Keith Callum Rennie

Zachary "Zack" Lockhart.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Illusionist, image projection).

First Appearance: "Ex Marks the Spot."

Quote: Shalimar: "The genetic code to manipulate free will is in that egg."
Zack: "It's amazing what they can do with eggs these days."

Details: The professional thief Zack was a psionic with the ability to see through solid walls and then project images of what was behind them. He and Shalimar Fox had a brief past romantic affair which ended abruptly when Zack abandoned her to take the rap for one of his heists, hiding the loot in her freezer. He showed up several years later to aid Mutant X in their quest to obtain a Fabrege egg containing the formula for controlling free will. But this time, Shalimar wasn't fooled by his act.

From Tribune Entertainment's Mutant X Lives faux website : ZACH LOCKHART - He reminds me of Errol Flynn in one of those roguish pirate movies. A real devil that you cannot help but like. I would hope that he’s out of our lives, particularly Shalimar’s, but I doubt it. That dark smirk will be back some day and we’ll probably fall victim to trusting him and pay the price. That’s how it is with certain types. Karmic irony, I guess. A side note in regards to Lockhart’s powers: he is a truly rare Psionic. A form of visual psychic who projects illusions of what he sees. Is it a shame he wastes it on petty theft…or a blessing? Used as a weapon, it could be devastating.

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