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Longstreet, Lt. Beau

Lieutenant Beau Longstreet -- Played by Ralf Moeller

Lt. Beau Longstreet.

Mutant Type: Feral (Feline).

First Appearance: "Dark Star Rising."

Quote: "The feral thing's not half bad."

Details: Beau was a member of the secret anti-terrorist military unit Dark Star. During a mission in the jungles of Bogotá, he and his troops were given experimental Rafflesia pricei serum injections instead of vaccinations by Tricorp Botanicals and Genomex in order to heighten their combat reflexes with feral DNA. After all but three of his soldiers were massacred by the enemy or the drug's influence, Beau returned home with Sgt. Angel Dorn and Cpl. Clark Randall to bomb Tricorp. They were interrupted by Shalimar Fox, who later persuaded them to come to Sanctuary so that Angel could be treated. Beau and Shalimar were captured by the GSA while stealing a Rafflesia pricei plant from Tricorp for Adam Kane. At Genomex headquarters, Shalimar was able to disuade Beau from strangling Mason Eckhart, and they both returned to Sanctuary for a joyous reunion with a recovered Angel. Beau and Angel buried their fellow soldiers with military honors.

From Adam's diary on the former Mutant X Lives faux website: LT. “BEAU” LONGSTREET & SGT. ANGEL DORNE - The fate of the Dark Star task force is one of the most ironic, and at the same time, cruelest I can imagine. It seems they were continually drained of their humanity. As mercenary soldiers they were trained to target and kill without question, removing any emotional life. Then they were genetically altered into New Mutants in an experiment that could not help but fail tragically. What makes a mind take a man or woman and slowly destroy them? Only Eckhart could tell me. I’d probably have to dissect his brain which would make me no better than him. The two survivors, Lt. Longstreet and Sgt. Dorne, have a long road of adjustment now. First as Ferals, then as human beings.

Ralf Moeller

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