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Lynch, Eli

Eli Lynch -- Played by Joseph Scoren

Eli Lynch.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Wind).

First Appearance: "Altered Ego."

Quote: Eli: "Don't offer too much up front."
Charlotte: "I know, I know. Let him do the talking."
Eli: "He likes to come up with the ideas himself. Speak when you are spoken to."
Charlotte: "Who does this guy think he is?"
Eli: "Let's get something straight. You've got raw talent and that's all you've got. I convinced Eckhart to give you a chance. Don't make me look bad. Am I understood?"
Charlotte: "I won't let you down."

Details: An elemental who could vaccuum the breath from his victims, GS agent Eli Lynch manipulated Charlotte Cooke into helping the GSA destroy Adam Kane. He carefully instructed her about how best to impress Mason Eckhart, but Charlotte resented his superior attitude towards her. When the time came to prove her worth to Mason Eckhart, Charlotte unexpectedly turned her powers against Eli, releasing his violent urge to strangle a nearby agent with his hands instead of his own abilities. Once she had completed Adam's reversal, Eli merrily injected Charlotte's subdermal governor.

Trivia: The actor who played Eli Lynch in this episode, Joseph Scoren, also played the psychotic murderer Lee Marker in season 3's "Where Evil Dwells." Joseph died August 9th, 2005 from heart failure due to sarcoidosis.

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