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Maddox, Nick

Nick Maddox -- Played by Steve Bacic

Nick Maddox.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Thermal).

First Appearance: "Within These Walls."

Quote: "You made me what I am. And then you tried to put me away ‘cause I did what came naturally."

Details: As a child, Nick was sent to Genomex's section 7 for 6 months of experimental treatment for a non-existent liver disease by Adam Kane's ex-lover, Christina. As a result, Nick developed the ability to shoot photon daggers from his hands. Christina recruited him as an assassin for her organization, but on learning that Nick had his own agenda, she had him arrested. She called on Adam to have Mutant X act as security backup during the prison transfer. Nevertheless, Nick’s girlfriend Asia and accomplice Harris helped him escape. Nick then focused on killing Christina for revenge, drilling his way into the water-filled safe room where she and Adam were hiding. The two fled as soon as Nick’s bomb blew the safe room’s doors open. As Nick stepped into the water for a closer shot, Brennan Mulwray electrocuted him.

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Tags: mutant x bible
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