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13 January 2016 @ 12:06 am
Malone, Dr. Dennis  

Dr. Dennis Malone -- Played by Alan Murley

Dr. Dennis Malone.

First Appearance: "Body and Soul."

Quote: Carla: "Is it true that many of these genetic technologies have been assessed as potential threats by experts at the World Health Organization?"
Dr. Malone: "Experts arrested Galileo when he said the Earth travelled around the sun."

Details: A geneticist with more profitable projects than Adam's, Dr. Dennis Malone was one of Adam Kane's professional rivals in the golden days of Genomex. Six months after the promising young student Mark Kearney began working with Adam, he was reassigned to work with Dr. Malone on the Walker Project, with the goal of helping the astral projecting teenager Cyrus Payton to take over the bodies of other people. On one jump, Cyrus remained out of his body so long that it died. Instead of helping find a suitable container for his soul, Dr. Malone emprisoned him in an electrical field. Years later, Cyrus escaped and murdered Dr. Malone just after he had given a conference on genetics.

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