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Marcus, Dr.

Dr. Marcus -- Played by Gary Farmer

Dr. Marcus.

First Appearance: "The Taking of Crows."

Quote: Dr. Marcus: "Adam Kane gave me the money for this lab. I think because I acted as his conscience all these years."
Jesse: "I don't must be good."
Dr. Marcus: "Yes. Of good mind."

Details: Physician Dr. Marcus acted as the voice of Adam Kane’s conscience for many years. To show his appreciation, Adam funded his secret advanced genetic laboratory, which was hidden behind a panel of an exam room in Dr. Marcus's medical office. Lexa Pierce directed Jesse Kilmartin to take her to Dr. Marcus for treatment after she’d been poisoned with the deadly drug DXL in “Taking of Crows.” Jesse later used Dr. Marcus’s lab to study Eddie Boyle’s ‘alien’ in “Conspiracy Theory.”

Trivia: Dr. Marcus's lab shows up later in Season 3 as Dr. Denise Saunders's office in "Age of Innocence."

Gary Farmer

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