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Marcus, Josh

Josh Marcus (left) -- Played by Gabriel Hogan

Josh Marcus.

First Appearance: "Crossroads of the Soul."

Details: The grandson of the renowned scientist who had insulated the entire town of New Hope inside an electrostatic bubble, Josh Marcus had it all: the pretty blonde Miranda Davis, loyal friends like Lucian, and an assured position as future chairman of the town council. Then one day, Brennan Mulwray fell from the sky and threatened to ruin it all by romancing Miranda and seeding doubt in the local gentry about the outside world’s non-existence. Upon learning that Brennan was not the son of Gerald Gilbert as he had claimed, Josh knifed Zander Delassandro, the town’s sheriff. He pinned the murder on Brennan, but Gerald and Miranda saved Brennan just as he was being drawn and quartered by horses. Josh would have taken matters into his own hands, but Mutant X destroyed the bubble’s generator from the Double Helix, freeing Brennan to use his electricity against Josh’s gun.

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