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Marker, Lee

Lee Marker -- Played by Joseph Scoren

Lee Marker.

First Appearance: "Where Evil Dwells."

Quote: "I am death. I don’t fear it."

Details: The Puzzle Killer Lee Marker brutally murdered 30 women before he was arrested by psionic profiler Andrea Marshall. His signature was to leave puzzle clues about the identity of his next victim on their bodies, taunting the police to catch him. During his subsequent meetings with Andrea in prison, he somehow infected her mind so that she began to murder women in his stead. Upon learning what he had done to her, Andrea opened the door to his cell and stabbed him to death.

Trivia: The actor who played Lee Marker in this episode, Joseph Scoren, also played GS agent Eli Lynch in "Altered Ego." Joseph died August 9th, 2005 from heart failure due to sarcoidosis.

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