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Marshall, Andrea

Andrea Marshall -- Played by Pragna Desai

Andrea Marshall.

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telepath).

First Appearance: "Where Evil Dwells."

Quote: "Shalimar, finding a place in society is more about accepting yourself than looking for them to accept us."

Details: Since Andrea Marshall was a Justice Department profiler, Adam Kane once introduced Andrea to Shalimar Fox to prove that mutants could live relatively normal lives. Andrea later turned to Shalimar for help while investigating murders resembling those of the imprisoned Puzzle Killer, Lee Marker. As the investigation progressed, Mutant X discovered that Lee had contaminated Andrea's mind during her telempathic connections with him, influencing her to murder in his stead. Andrea knifed Lee and went after Shalimar. Mutant X saved her, and Shalimar chased Andrea to the roof where she lunged over the edge, falling to her death.

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