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McAllister, Jock

Jock McAllister -- Played by Don Dickinson.

First Appearance: "Reawakening."

Quote: "I'm going down to look at those boilers. Thing gets in my way, it's getting a lead lunch."

Details: Engineer Jock McAllister became increasingly jittery when bad luck ensued after Dr. Louise Koby brought her Protocanth specimen onto his arctic freighter: communications malfunctioned while the ship became mired in its surrounding ice, and the wench lifting the specimen aboard almost bisected a man. Unfortunately, the beast awakened during the captain's preparations to throw it overboard, sucking the captain dry before going after the rest of the crew. Though Jesse Kilmartin was able to save some by leading them to a cooler part of the ship, Jock and several others insisted upon remaining to face The Protocanth, which wasted no time in returning to slaughter them.

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