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13 January 2016 @ 12:25 am
McTeague, Benjamin Jr.  

Benjamin McTeague Jr. -- Played by Joris Jarsky

Benjamin McTeague Jr.

First Appearance: "Under the Cloak of War."

Quote: "You know, my mother? She used to talk about you like you were some kind of hero. But now? Now, I see it’s more like a hero complex."

Details: Despite their ideological differences, scientist Dr. Benjamin McTeague was one of Adam Kane’s closest colleagues for ten years until Adam had an affair with his wife Lucy. Though she ended the affair and returned to her husband, Lucy left her husband shortly thereafter. A broken man who never recovered after the dissolution of his marriage, Dr. McTeague committed suicide. Lucy also died when her son, Benjamin Jr. was 15 years old. Ben Jr. harbored resentment towards Adam for his parents’ fate for years. When he became CEO of the The Phoenix Corporation, he hired the elite Blue Bolt ring of assassins to murder Adam as he was preparing to give a speech to Congress. The operation was unsuccessful, but the insane Ben Jr. lived to plot another day.

Trivia: Prior to his appearance on Mutant X, actor Joris Jarsky co-starred in the television show Vampire High with actress Karen Cliche (Lexa Pierce).

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