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Memory Scanner

Memory Scanner.

First Appearance: "Understudy."

Details: This set of headphones was worn by Nikki Rogers in "Understudy," and again by psionic Andrea Marshall in "Where Evil Dwells." As Emma DeLauro explained to Nikki, Emma gave the wearer a telempathic boost while they focused on memories of an event. The scanner then converted optic memories into digital images and projected them onto a computer screen where they could be processed and enhanced.

Technobabble: Jesse: "All that’s gonna happen is we’re gonna put this contraption on your head, and you relive the fight in the street, okay?"
Emma: "And then I will give you a telempathic boost and the machine converts optic memories into digital images."
Jesse: "If we’re lucky, we’ll see what you saw, okay, maybe a feature of the shooter or something."
Emma: "All you have to do is relax and remember."
Nikki: "And you’ll see everything I saw?"
Jesse: "Well, only what you focus in on. Which is why we need you to zero in on the facial features of the shooter."

Trivia: Perhaps because Andrea was already a telepath, the psionic boost that Emma had given to Nikki was not necessary when Andrea was undergoing memory enhancement.

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