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Mitchell, Jack

Jack Mitchell --Played by Jake Simons

Jack Mitchell.

First Appearance: "Fool for Love."

Quote: Donna: "So, how big we talking, Jack?"
Jack: "I don't know...63 inches, wide screen, ten thousand dollar surround sound system. It's better than the multiplex."
Donna: "Something tells me I'm not the first girl who's gotten to check out your home entertainment unit."
Jack: "Maybe not. But you'd be the best."

Details: Jack Mitchell was on a date with Donna Morse when Dr. Richard Saunders’s serum caused her to lose control of her feral abilities. She lashed out at him and disappeared into the night. When they came to his workplace at Hartwell Brokerage to question him about Donna's whereabouts, Brennan Mulwray and Jesse Kilmartin were skeptical of his story until Emma deLauro convinced them he was telling him the truth.

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