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Details: One of the four new mutant types is molecular. Moleculars can affect the molecules of their own bodies or those of their environment.'s molecular subtypes: intangibility (able to move through solids), imperviousness (withstands physical penetration), invisibility, propulsion (accelerated motion or speed), gravitative (able to alter weight in self, others or objects), chromatic (affects color, light, etc.), stasis-suspension (affects time), replication (self-cloning, etc.), elasticity (able to alter size or shape - extremely rare).

On the Mutant X team, both Jesse Kilmartin and Lexa Pierce are moleculars.

Jesse Kilmartin ("The Nerd Wonder"), as an intangible/impervious molecular, can alter the density of his body's molecular structure to be either intangible enough to walk through walls (called "phasing"), or so dense that neither bullets nor cars can penetrate him ("massing"). By the end of the third season, Jesse can also phase and mass other objects and people by touch. Jesse can only remain massed for as long as he can hold his breath, and if he remains phased for more than 30 seconds, he may not be able to reform. More about Jesse Kilmartin is here.

Lexa Pierce is either a chromatic molecular or an elemental/molecular mix. Lexa ("Complexa") is able to bend light to make herself and those she is touching invisible. Unlike molecular stealth mutants like Danielle and Catherine Hartman, however, Lexa is also able to shoot penetrating lasers from her fingertips, and create blinding light flashes with her hands. Thus some sources list Lexa as an elemental instead of a molecular (see What kind of mutant is Lexa?). There is a time limit on Lexa's invisibility, and while invisible her heat outline can still be seen with infra-red goggles or feral vision. More about Lexa Pierce is here.

Other moleculars who have appeared in the series: Propulsive Vince Meisel, stasis-suspension Nick Renfield, gravitative Wendy Stone, super-strength Kendra MacEvoy, chromatic/X-ray vision Jerri Wiley, propulsive Todd Wiley, stealth Danielle Hartman, stealth Catherine Hartman, regenerative Charles Marlowe, regenerative Caleb Mathias, astral projection Cyrus Payton, explosive Hector Friemark, regenerative Kristoff, elastic/multiple Leo Pierce, stasis-suspension Samantha Bennett, chromatic (dark matter) Randall Blake, intangible Nathan Reynolds, teleporter The Clown, force-fields Tony LaPorta, multidimensional Diane Taylor.

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