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Moller, Diana

Diana Moller -- Played by Lindy Booth

Diana Moller.

Mutant Type: Molecular/Psionic (Stasis-Suspension).

First Appearance: "Time Squared."

Quote: Gabriel: "I don’t have time to play games. I’m dying."
Diana: "You don’t really think I care, do you?"

Details: Diana was a former Link of Gabriel Ashlocke's group of followers The Strand. She had the ability to affect the gravitational dilation of time, create time portals, change the shape of atoms, and alter the space-time continuum. She attempted to hide from Gabriel by checking herself into Ellison Psychiatric Hospital, but he tracked her down and forced her to send him back in time to October 13th 1978, the day Adam Kane tried to curtail his powers. Before the portal closed, Shalimar Fox and Brennan Mulwray leaped in after him. Diana, fearing that changes to the past would alter the present, refused to create another portal until Emma deLauro mindblasted her into obedience. Once Emma and Adam Kane arrived in the past, Gabriel murdered Adam with an energy blast, causing the The Sanctuary of the present to begin to disappear around Diana and Jesse Kilmartin. Diana hastily created a third portal to a point in time just before Adam's death, allowing Jesse reflect Gabriel's energy blast back at him. Mutant X dragged the stunned Gabriel back to the present through Diana's final portal.

From Adam's diary on Tribune Entertainment's faux website Mutant X Lives: DIANA MOLLER - This poor girl found the only way she could control and hide her Psionic/Molecular powers was to reside in a mental ward. What does that say about the world I helped bring her into? Her gift of being able to generate time warps makes her a constant target of felons, politicians and zealots. Mutant X must do every thing it can to protect Diana until she feels safe enough to avoid the past and grow into her new future.

Lindy Booth

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