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Morgan, Riley

Riley Morgan -- Played by Monika Schnarre

Riley Morgan (born Isabella Eastham).

Mutant Type: Psionic (Telepath).

First Appearance: "The Prophecy."

Quote: Brennan: "Stay outta my head!"
Riley: "Oh, please. I'd die of boredom in there."

Details: A former Link in The Strand, Riley Morgan was once in love with the mutant psychopath Gabriel Ashlocke. After Gabriel's death, Riley felt blessed when precog John Bishop declared her one of the four new mutants chosen to contribute DNA to Gabriel's successor, The Child. She soon realized her son's dangerous potential, however, and tried to stop the prophetic omens leading to his ascension to power. When this strategy failed, she and Brennan Mulwray (another contributing 'parent') found The Child's underground home and fought off the Links protecting him. The Child easily deflected Riley's psionic blast and connected with her, convincing her that he had not yet been corrupted. In turn, Riley convinced Brennan to allow her to raise The Child herself.

Trivia: Though she is capable of reading minds and shooting psionic blasts the conventional way, Riley is the first psionic in the series to practice "finger telepathy."

Monika Schnarre

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