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Morrison, Captain Daniel

Captain Daniel Morrison -- Played by Vincent Walsh

Captain Daniel Morrison.

First Appearance: "No Man Left Behind."

Quote: "You really are crazy, aren’t you? But you know something? Your father’d be pretty damn proud of you."

Details: Pilot Captain Daniel Morrison was delivering a phased vibrational generator weapon to U.S. troops when his plane was shot down by the Kovakistani Liberation Army. He withstood his captors long enough to be rescued by Mutant X and taken home.

From Adam's Diary on the former Mutant X Lives website: CAPTAIN DAN MORRISON - Thanks to this young man, I believe in heroes again. He had no reason to trust us or keep our secret. Flying a mission over a hostile land, being mislead by his own government in the nature of this task, facing torture and death in Karakistan and then coming smack faced into the reality of New Mutants…Captain Morrison confronted more in a week’s span than most men do in a lifetime. Yet, throughout it all he never lost track of himself and his own ethics. He accepted Mutant X as equals without hesitation and refrained from dwelling on our past…or his own predicament…to keep him from correcting a bad situation in an ugly past of the world. Now he’s keeping our secret, even though it’s costing him fame and glory. Brennan was right to hold the team back until the Captain was rescued. He’s shown us strength of character that even the greatest genetic powers can only aspire to.

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