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Morrison, Megan

Megan Morrison -- Played by Lauren Collins

Megan Morrison.

First Appearance: "One Step Closer."

Quote: Megan: "I'm going over to the cyclotron, if that's okay with my bodyguards."
Shalimar: "Sure."
Brennan: "Yeah, that's cool. We're right behind you."
Megan: "Thanks, Bren."
Brennan: "What's so funny?"
Shalimar: " 'Thanks Bren.' Someone has a crush on you!"

Details: Having received some death threats, Senator Morrison hired Mutant X to protect her daughter Megan. Unfortunately, Brennan Mulwray's electrical abilities went haywire just as Christian's men kidnapped Megan, preventing Brennan and Shalimar Fox from being able to stop them. Mutant X forced Christian's co-conspirator Simon Fletcher to tell them Megan's location, and Brennan and Jesse Kilmartin rescued her from the explosive necklace Christian had placed on her.

Lauren Collins

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