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13 January 2016 @ 12:45 am
Morrison, Senator  

Senator Morrison -- Played by Janet-Laine Green

Senator Morrison.

First Appearance: "One Step Closer."

Quote: Adam: "Getting someone else involved at this point is the worst thing you could do!"
Senator Morrison: "Open your eyes, Adam! Things couldn't be any worse than they are right now."

Details: After receiving death threats, Senator Morrison hired Mutant X to protect her daughter Megan. Unfortunately, Brennan Mulwray's electrical abilities decided to go haywire on the very day Christian's men kidnapped her, preventing Brennan and Shalimar Fox from being able to stop them. The Senator then retained investigator Simon Fletcher to handle the case, unaware that Simon was complicit in the abduction. Brennan followed up on Emma deLauro's intuition that Simon wasn't the investigator he appeared to be, and elicited Christian's location from Simon so that Mutant X could rescue Megan.free hit counter