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Morse, Donna

Donna Morse -- Played by Monique Ganderton

Donna Morse.

Mutant Type: Feral (Feline).

First Appearance: "Fool for Love."

Quote: Donna: "My date's waiting."
Shalimar: "Hey! You've got a date. With me."
Donna: "Adam told me entering the new mutant underground was strictly voluntary."
Shalimar: "So?"
Donna: "So you tell Adam I said thanks, but no thanks."

Details: Donna had contacted Adam Kane about finding a place in the new mutant underground when she met Dr. Richard Saunders from Genomex. Twice a week for three weeks, he began giving her injections of his experimental serum which had the potential for turning new mutants into normal humans. By the time Shalimar Fox came to take Donna into the underground, Donna refused, believing that she would soon no longer be a new mutant. Unfortunately, a flaw in Richard's serum caused Donna to lose control of her feral abilities while on a date with Jack Mitchell, before succumbing to the serum's fatal side effects.

Trivia: Monique Ganderton, the actress/professional stuntwoman who played Donna Morse, went on to act as a stunt double in X-Men: The Last Stand.

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