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Morton, Peter

Peter Morton -- Played by Aaron Poole

Peter Morton.

First Appearance: "The Breed."

Quote: Peter: "That's what this parasite's like. Turned my own flesh and blood into something I was afraid of. Can you imagine what that's like?"
Lexa: "Actually, I can."

Details: Peter Morton and his sister Rachel were assigned to Fort Perry, where Dr. Vincent Arrigo was developing a parasite which could control the actions of its human host. Dr. Arrigo used his research assistant Rachel as his first test subject, purposefully infecting her without her consent. Unfortunately, he was unable to create a cure in time to prevent her from breaking out of containment. Under the influence of the parasite, Rachel attacked Peter, who was forced to hurt her in order to survive. Mutant X helped Peter to the safety of Dr. Arrigo’s lab, where they successfully aided Dr. Arrigo in testing a cure on Peter. Dr. Arrigo tried to kill Lexa Pierce after she discovered the truth about Rachel’s demise, but Peter shot him with his own gun.

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