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New Hope

New Hope.

First Appearance: "Crossroads of the Soul."

Details: Dr. Alfred Marcus placed an impenetrable electronic force field over the small mining town of Lewiston, effectively isolating it from the rest of the world. He renamed the town New Hope, a place he hoped would remain free of the negative influences of society. Over the decades, the citizens of New Hope become isolationists, fearing the outside world and murdering any who spoke of it. When Brennan Mulwray accidentally entered the town during a lightning storm, Mutant X destroyed the electronic bubble with an electrical bolt, exposing the town to the outside world once again.

Adam's thoughts from the former Mutant X Lives website: THE CITIZENS OF NEW HOPE - What a mixed blessing. On one hand, they’ve been cut off from a world that had grown corrupt and vulgar since their community disappeared. On the other, lack of society and interaction has left them with rules and morals that will set them at odds with most of what they will now encounter. It makes me wonder: have I protected the New Mutants too much so they’ll never be able to integrate if that time comes?

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