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Nicholls, Janet

Janet Nicholls -- Played by Amy Price-Francis

Janet Nicholls.

First Appearance: "Final Judgement."

Quote: "That passion, that forthright quality, you’re gonna need all of that and more. Because once you get into that room, you should be aware that there is likely not going to be one person rooting for you to be innocent."

Details: The Tribunal’s defense attorney Janet Nicholls wasn’t enthusiastic about defending Adam Kane against charges of attempting a world take over with an army of made-to-order mutant abominations...until her client persuaded her to research Genomex’s background. The Judge ruled this new evidence inadmissible, but Janet was staunchly on Adam’s side for the rest of the trial. When Mutant X arrived to save their leader, Janet boarded the Double Helix and left with them.

Amy Price-Francis

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