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No Exit

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No Exit: Episode #309

Tag: A revenge seeking cybernetic mutant uses his powers to overtake Sanctuary's security system in a malicious plot to destroy Mutant X. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Elizabeth Keyishian; Directed by Bill Corcoran
James L. Collins....Swat Team Member
Lynne Cormack....Nurse Helen Gamble
Stephen Jackson....Clerk Barry
Bobby Johnston....Hologram Sargeant Nalle
David Orth....William Dennett

Official Synopsis: Jesse (Forbes March) and Brennan (Victor Webster) are playing Tunnel Quest II, a new virtual game Jesse downloaded to Sanctuary's system. The two vigorously use their keyboard to maneuver virtual images of Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Lexa (Karen Cliche) battling two combat soldiers. Engrossed in the game, Jesse and Brennan don't notice the real Shalimar and Lexa lurking over their shoulders. When Brennan proposes a virtual shower scene with sexual overtones, Shalimar and Lexa are less than amused and demand they erase the game. To keep the peace, a disappointed Jesse caves in and deletes the file. Later that afternoon, Shalimar hears a noise outside her bedroom and warns the team that she doesn't think they're alone. All of a sudden, the climate-control breaks and the temperature in Sanctuary soars. As Jesse begins working on overriding the system he sees Sergeant Nalle, one of the characters from the computer game, on the monitor. Confused, Jesse deletes the game once again. Meanwhile, Shalimar and Lexa are investigating the sound Shalimar heard when an electric panel behind them suddenly bursts into flames. Distracted by the flames, the girls don't realize that the security cameras are watching their every move. In the master control room, Jesse realizes an unknown source is hacking into their system. Suddenly, the security system identifies Shalimar and Lexa as hostiles and the doors begin to close in around them. Jesse tries to override the system, but is unable to gain control and Sanctuary goes into lockdown. Jesse comlinks Shalimar and Lexa and insists they use the Helix to get out of the building before it's too late. Taking Jesse's advice, Lexa manages to thrust the aircraft through the closing hanger doors just in the nick of time. Seconds later, Jesse and Brennan rush towards the Helix, but the doors close around them, trapping them in the hanger. Meanwhile, William Dennett (David Orth), a disgruntled quadriplegic with cybernetic mutant powers, lies in bed at a care facility. A series of wires connect his head to a computer, allowing him to control Sanctuary's impenetrable security system. Pretending to be Brennan, William comlinks Shalimar and Lexa and tells them to head to a nearby warehouse where Adam installed an emergency back up system. The vindictive mutant then creates fake rap sheets for the girls, listing them as ?FBI's Most Wanted? and places a call to 911 reporting their whereabouts. At that moment, Helen (Lynne Cormack), William's nurse, barges into his room. Annoyed by her presence, William provokes her by speaking through his computer causing her to drop his medication. Fed up, Helen moves to unplug the computer, but is suddenly paged over the PA system and leaves. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse has just finished repairing the climate control when the hologram of Sergeant Nalle reappears, aiming his gun at Brennan and Jesse. When Sergeant Nalle fires, the two leap out of the way and as Brennan hits the wall behind him, the high voltage of the hanger's defense system electrifies him and pins him down. Locating the circuit panel, Jesse masses out and stops the deadly current with a massive punch and Sergeant Nalle disappears. Still unsure of who is trying to kill them and why, Jesse and Brennan are now painfully aware the attacker is familiar with their mutant powers. Meanwhile, Helen re-enters William's room and disconnects him from his computer by slowly pulling the electrodes off his head one-by-one. When William's monitor indicates that he is flat lining, a panicked Helen tries to revive him, but she is suspiciously electrocuted in the process. William, alive and in control, is certain there will be no more interferences in his plans with Helen now out of the picture. Arriving at the warehouse, Shalimar and Lexa find the police waiting for them and use their combined mutant powers to escape. Knowing Brennan would never mislead them, Shalimar realizes that they've been set up. She then comlinks Brennan, and becomes even more suspicious when she hears the person on the other end utter a phrase that William Dennett had said right before falling off a building to avoid capture by Mutant X years earlier. At that moment, William reverts back to his true voice, confirming to Shalimar that he is behind what is happening at Sanctuary. Back at Sanctuary, Brennan crawls inside the air duct looking for an escape route, but there's no way out. Just then, a hologram of a healthy looking William appears in front of Jesse and shoots a barrage of lasers at him, which Jesse avoids by phasing out. When Jesse reappears, William shoots him in the arm. Brennan then dives out of the air duct and fires off a tesla coil at the laser control unit and the hologram of William disappears. Moments later, a deadly white gas begins seeping into the room. William's hologram appears again to inform them that the gas will slowly paralyze them and they will finally understand what he's been living with ever since his fall. As the gas starts to take effect on Brennan and Jesse, Shalimar and Lexa, who have tracked William's location, burst into his room and manually override the program, saving their teammates. With Sanctuary back to normal, the Mutant X team relaxes with the knowledge that William can no longer get to them. Little do they know, William is busy searching for another medium to manipulate in his quest for revenge on Mutant X.

Shalimar: What the hell do you guys think you're doing?
Jesse: Just having a little innocent fun.
Lexa: You guys don't get out much, do you?
Jesse: Oh, come on. We're just getting to the good part. Lexa, you don't understand what I've done here. I've totally improved Sanctuary's holoprogram by modifying the game to match our...specs.
Lexa: Well, nice going, Nerd Wonder. Now delete it.
Jesse: What?
Shalimar: Do it. Or I'll smash your computer in half.
Jesse: Shal, you're totally overreacting! Dude, this is totally your fault. There, everybody happy? Deleted.
Brennan: Ready for a little one on one?
Jesse: Yeah, well it could have been two on two.

Lexa: Jess, could you take a look at the climate control?
Jesse: Yeah, in a sec. We're in the middle of a game.
Lexa: It's 80 degrees and rising.
Brennan: Did you try to override it?
Lexa: No, I thought I'd come down here and whine about it first.

Shalimar: That was cutting it pretty close.
Lexa: We had at least two more seconds to clear the doors.
Shalimar: You've got ice water running through your veins.

Jesse: Ah. But on the plus side, I think I've figured out this heat thing. Ready?
Brennan: Amen, brother. All right, I take back any bad thing I've ever said about you.
Jesse: I'm gonna remember that.

Jesse: Wait, it's not gonna work.
Brennan: Why not?
Jesse: He can still see us.
Brennan: What are you talking about? We just blinded him!
Jesse: The body heat sensors.
Brennan: C'mon, man! You're killing me here.
Jesse: Hey, Adam designed this place all right? And he designed it to be impregnable.
Brennan: Oh, great. Well, too bad Adam wasn't here so he could see how his genius is biting us all in the ass right now.

Shalimar: Rooftop's too narrow. We've gotta find another place to land.
Lexa: Nah, there's nowhere close to bring her down. We can do this.
Shalimar: It's too narrow!
Lexa: We'll be fine.
Shalimar: Argh!

Shalimar: That's gonna leave a mark.

Shalimar: Time to get the hell outta Dodge.

Jesse: When people tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

Jesse: Thin crust pizza.
Brennan: What?
Jesse: My dad used to take us to this great place, Giorgio's. I wish I was there now.
Brennan: Yeah. So do I.
Jesse: Nah. You wouldn't like it.

Jesse: There's something I want to tell you, man.
Brennan: Yeah, I love you too, man.
Jesse: No. You suck at basketball.

Jesse: Don't you even THINK about giving me mouth-to-mouth.

Jesse: Computers. I hate them.

Shalimar: Brought you a present. [kisses him]
Jesse: I like that present. What's this?
Lexa: Oh, uh, consider it an almost-going-away present.
Jesse: Tunnel Quest III?
Shalimar: Well, we thought you'd like to load it into the system computer and put our holograms through a few paces.
Jesse: Are you insane?!
Lexa: It's worth a look, though.
Shalimar: Mmm-hmm. Brennan was right.
Jesse: Brennan was right? This was your idea?
Brennan: Don't look at me. I didn't tell them to buy it.
Jesse: You mind taking care of this, Sparky?
Brennan: Pull.

Trivia & Nitpicks:
Brennan and Jesse play basketball again in this episode, but amazingly, Brennan does NOT cheat.

No one should be at all surprised that the TunnelQuest game Jesse downloads causes Sanctuary's computer systems to fail. After all, it was his downloading Toni's pictures that allowed her to hack into Sanctuary's system in "In the Presence of Mine Enemies." Adam should have established some ground rules about Jesse's pleasure downloads back then.

Jesse tells Lexa that Sanctuary protects them from even the most hi-tech viruses. Once again, Jesse's amnesia has kicked in, allowing him to forget about the existence of telecybers.

Santuary goes into lockdown mode once it senses intruders, locking them in on the second floor before closing the first floor doors. This, of course, would only work if the enemy was located on the second floor. And missed the flashing lights and blaring alarms that indicated that their presence had been noted.

The cage that barely misses Lexa and Shalimar is the same one that Jesse will use to capture Lexa in "She's Come Undone." The rooftop Dennett falls from in the flashback is the same one Andrea Marshall leaps from in "Where Evil Dwells."

Every time the girls try to contact the boys in this episode, they unfailingly call Brennan's line, even when it's Jesse who actually knows the information. How very convenient for William Dennett.

How can Brennan be clueless about Sanctuary's heat sensors? He was standing right there when Jesse was showing them to Shalimar at the beginning of the episode. Come to think of it, why doesn't Brennan seem to know much of anything about Sanctuary's security systems? I know that Jesse's the techie of the group, but what would happen if he wasn't around? Wouldn't it make sense to make the other members of Mutant X aware of the basics of how their home base works?

Shalimar instantly recognizes William Dennett from his catchphrase, "I say when the game is over." This is admirable, given the number of stock phrases she's heard during her time with Mutant X. Indeed, this sentence could just as easily have come from "The Hand of God" Kristoff, the other presumably deceased mutant who often used one of Dennett's other catchphrases, "I decide who lives and who dies."

William Dennett's name doesn't ring a bell with Lexa, so the Mutant X team must have first met him before season 3. Yet, in the flashback, Brennan has his characteristic Season 3 goatee.

In the game, Lexa's weight is 109 pounds and Shalimar's is 108. In the FBI profiles (the pictures of which come from the Mutant X official site), both weigh 114.

Also, if you look closely at the computer screen when Shalimar's showing Lexa their FBI profiles, the next name down on the list is Jae Pak, Mutant X's assistant art director.

The FBI SWAT team that comes to surround the "armed and dangerous terrorists" Lexa and Shalimar, somehow neglects to first secure their getaway vehicle, The Double Helix, which is sitting perfectly visible on the roof.

How did Dennett get BZ into Sanctuary's air pumps?

Since Dennett kills Nurse Gamble before she can hang his fluids, he must be pretty dehydrated by the end of the day.

When Shalimar and Lexa enter Dennett's room, why doesn't he page for help on the overhead?

Poor Nurse Gamble lies dead in William Dennett's room all day, and no one comes to check on her or him until after Lexa and Shalimar have left. It seems being in a private hospital makes for a rather lousy bedcheck system. It would be interesting to see what the police made of that scene: a quadriplegic unplugged from his exploded monitor, electrocuted nurse at his bedside, a huge hole burned into his computer screen, and the fingerprints of two armed and dangerous terrorists everywhere.

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