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No Man Left Behind

Mutant X Episode Synopses

No Man Left Behind: Episode #206.

Tag: When a military plane is shot down behind enemy lines, Mutant X races to recover the secret government weapon that was hidden onboard before innocent lives are threatened. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by David L. Newman; Directed by Jorge Montesi
Philip Akin....General William Sperling
Natalie Brown....Secretary Jenny
Lina Felice....Irina
Sean Orr....Pavel
Vincent Walsh....Captain Dan Morrison

Official Synopsis: Adam (John Shea) barges into General William Sperling’s (Philip Akin) office at the Department of Defense and confronts him about the military’s underhanded acquisition of the Phased Vibrational Generator. Adam had created the PVG with the understanding that it was not to be sold for military application, but now the military is planning to test the device on innocent people in the government’s war with Kovakhstan. To make matters worse, Sperling then shows Adam a video of the U.S. jet, piloted by Captain Morrison (Vincent Walsh), who was shot down by rebels while transporting the PVG to Kovakhstan. Enraged, Adam storms out of the office and returns to Sanctuary where he and the team watch a video of a scratched and bruised Captain Morrison who has been captured by the Liberation Army of Kovakhstan. He states that the only condition for his safe return is an immediate end to all outside intervention in Kovakhstan. The team, with the exception of Adam, then sets out for Kovakhstan to save the captured pilot and retrieve the PVG before innocent lives are lost. In the forests of Kovakhstan, the rebel Pavel (Sean Orr) informs his commander Irina (Lina Felice) that Morrison’s plane has been found, but the weapon is missing. When Irina confronts the captive Morrison about the whereabouts of the PVG, Morrison lies and says he has no idea what she’s talking about. Meanwhile, the Double Helix approaches the spot where Morrison’s plane went down, but Adam is unable to pick up a signal from the PVG. Suddenly, the Double Helix is hit by a missile and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Brennan (Victor Webster) must struggle to gain control of the air craft. Back at Sanctuary, Adam becomes frantic when he loses contact with the team as he watches the Double Helix go down. Luckily, the team survives the crash and Jesse (Forbes March) and Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) immediately begin working to repair the Double Helix while Shalimar and Brennan split up to search for the PVG. Using a tracking device, Shalimar picks up on troops moving closer and radios Brennan. In a clearing, Brennan comes across an unnatural patch of orange sunlight and looks up to find the PVG hanging from an orange parachute in a tree. He calls Shalimar to tell her he’s got the device and has disarmed the homing beacon, but is going to rescue Morrison. Shalimar begs Brennan to return to the Double Helix, but his mind is made up. As he sets out on the rescue mission, he is ambushed by Irina and her men and knocked unconscious. When Jesse radios Adam and informs him of Brennan’s plans, Adam orders Shalimar to re-trace Brennan’s route and find him. Now a prisoner of the Liberation Army of Kovakhstan, Brennan confesses to Irina that that he located the PVG and shows her the homing beacon in hopes she’ll spare his life. He is then thrown in the cage with Captain Morrison. The two men bond as they talk about their families, but they are interrupted when rebel guards come and take Morrison. Brennan’s tries to stop the guard with a tesla coil, but his powers are weakened by the puddle of water he’s standing in. Meanwhile, Jesse fixes the Double Helix, but moments later the computer console sparks and the system crashes again. Shortly after, Emma telepathically picks up on troops coming towards them from three different directions. She concentrates all of her psychic energy and creates a black blast that averts the rebels. A battered and bruised Morrison is brought back to the cage where Brennan is still being held. Irina informs the two that they will be killed in an hour if she does not get the PVG. Outside the camp, Shalimar focuses her feral hearing and picks up Brennan’s voice. Finding the cage, she uses her feral strength to release the two. She then tosses Morrison a gun, which she stole from one of the guards. As the three flee, they come across a jeep and are just about to take off in it when a rebel soldier appears and points a gun at them. Brennan grabs the barrel with his hand and electrifies it sending the rebel flying. Meanwhile at the Double Helix, Adam helps Jesse repair the craft as enemy forces draw closer. With seconds to spare, Jesse is able to reroute the plane’s energy towards the stealth function causing it to become invisible just as the military convoy approaches. Back in the forest, Shalimar, Brennan and Morrison recover the PVG and are about to take off when Irina and her army surround them and demand the device. They tell Irina that they don’t have it, and when she leans in the jeep to take a look, Shalimar takes her out. Brennan then knocks Pavel unconscious before using a tesla coil to finish off the rest of the troops. The three then speed to the Double Helix and jump onboard. As Jesse lifts the craft from the ground, Emma picks up two government aircrafts heading towards them. The jet fighters close in on them and release a series of missiles. As Brennan struggles with the controls, Jesse summons all his strength and is able to phase out the Double Helix just in the nick of time. As everyone breathes a sigh of relief, Adam comes over the intercom and asks Morrison to hook the PVG up to the craft’s power grid. Morrison complies and a brilliant beam of energy blast out of the PVG and shears the wings off all the enemy jets, allowing the team to return safely. Later, Adam revisits the Department of Defense and agrees to keep the PVG operation silent as long as Sperling does not punish him. Adam then meets Brennan outside the building and informs him that Morrison is back with his family and congratulates Brennan on his brave work.

Adam: Adam Kane to see the General.
Secretary Jenny: Excuse me, the General can’t see you without an appointment.
Adam: Well, sure he can. All he has to do is look up--I’ll be there.

Adam: You cannot test this kind of thing on innocent people.
General Sperling: The Kovakastani rebels are hardly innocent. They’ve killed–
Adam: You have no right to slaughter these people using my device.
General Sperling: The Office of Defense Testing decided that this was–
Adam: You ARE The Office of Defense Testing. This is your decision. Anything that happens in that country, it’s on your head.

General Sperling: This is not our fault!
Adam: No, but I know who has to clean it up!

Emma: Like any great invention, our friends in the military are trying to figure out how to use it to kill people more efficiently.
Jesse: So, we’re supposed to waltz into Kovakistan and help this government–
Emma: Dictatorship. They haven’t had an election in 15 years.
Jesse: Okay, this get it back.
Adam: Well, no one’s getting it back. It’s too dangerous for either side to have.
Brennan: Excuse me, okay? Has anybody thought about the pilot that’s being held hostage?
Adam: They’re pursuing a diplomatic course of action to try to effect his release.
Brennan: For what, a mission they can’t even admit they were on in the first place? They’re gonna let him rot, Adam! He’s gonna be another pilot that never came back.

Emma: Brennan, back at Sanctuary, when you were talking about the pilot...I’m not reading you. Not any more than a friend would. What was that all about?
Brennan: Nothing, I was just making sure all the bases were covered.
Emma: Friends know when you’re lying too.
Brennan: You ever hear me talk about my father?
Emma: Just your stepfather. He didn’t exactly sound like a picnic.
Brennan: I never met my real dad. He was a navy pilot, shot down in the Vietnam War.
Emma: So what happened to him?
Brennan: He went down behind enemy lines. Eventually caught and killed. The official line was that it wasn’t even worth the risk to try and rescue him. Would’ve been worth it to me.

Jesse: What are you doing?
Emma: Watching your back. I don’t usually allow myself to open up fully. But if I do, I’ll be able to sense anyone coming within half a mile.
Jesse: Nice. A psychic burglar alarm, huh?
Emma: Just do me a favor. When I open up like this, I’m open to everything.
Jesse: Yeah, whatcha getting at?
Emma: Just try and think nice thoughts is all.

Emma: It’s not nice to think those kinds of thoughts about your partner.
Jesse: No! I was just, uh...I thought that, uh...I wasn’t thinkin... C’mon! It’s just that you were looking so...
Emma: It’s okay. I’ve spent my whole life fielding those kinds of emotions from men. With my normal defenses up, I can usually filter them out.
Jesse: It’s gotta be tough. Having to live with your defenses up all the time.
Emma: Before I met Adam, I didn’t know how to control my power. I felt everything that everybody else felt, as strongly as they felt it. Wanna talk about a shortcut to a breakdown. Let’s just say defenses are better.
Jesse: So you wouldn’t mind if, uh, I mean I had those kind of thoughts again? You’d understand?
Emma: I can guarantee you’ll never have one of those thoughts again. About anybody. Ever.
Jesse: You know, I’ve gotta...I’ve gotta get back to work.

Shalimar: How much longer?
Jesse: Look, you’re bugging me every five seconds is not gonna make this happen any sooner, okay? All right.
Jesse: Communications are up.
Shalimar: See? Bugging you did work.

Commander Irina: What are you doing here?
Brennan: I heard the girls here were knockouts. Guess I should have asked them what they meant by that.
Irina: Under the articles of war, you’re not in uniform, therefore you’re a spy. You know what the rules for spies.
Brennan: Didn’t think people in this war subscribed to rules.
Irina: We don’t. Makes things neater.

Brennan: So, you got any kids?
Capt. Daniel Morrison: Two kids, a boy and a girl. Four and two. Had ‘em in the academy. Worry more about what’s gonna happen to them then what’s gonna happen to me. You know, growing up without a dad.
Brennan: Yeah, I know what you mean. Happened to me, Vietnam, ‘71.
Daniel: Sorry to hear that.
Brennan: Not gonna let that happen to your kids.
Daniel: You really are crazy, aren’t you? But you know something? Your father’d be pretty damn proud of you.

Emma: With what I’m gonna broadcast, they’re going to be more scared than they’ve ever been before.
Jesse: What?
Emma: This is going broadband. You might want to hold onto something.

Jesse: My God, Emma, I didn’t know you could do something like that.
Emma: Jesse?
Jesse: What? [she blasts him]
Emma: You still don’t know.
Jesse: I don’t know what?
Emma: Nothing.

Shalimar: Never figured you for a stick in the mud.
Brennan: Oh, that’s funny. I was worried about you.
Shalimar: You were worried about me?
Brennan: Yeah. Has Jesse got the Helix back up and running?
Shalimar: Not yet, he’s working on it.
Daniel: This is your backup?
Shalimar: Yeah, well it works better when he tells me where his back’s gonna be.

Brennan: Shal, you go to the Helix. I’ll get the PVG.
Shalimar: No, I don’ t like what happened last time you went off on your own. We’re going together.
Brennan: Shal, no.
Shalimar: We’re going together.

Shalimar: Is that what it feels like when you phase?

General Sperling: This is unacceptable! You interfered with an official operation. You stole government property, and I don’t care how much hush-hush political juice you’ve got. This time, you’re gonna answer for it.
Adam: Ah, well, General, let’s get a couple of things straight. First of all, I think you’d have a hard time proving I did anything. Secondly, this so-called government property, it was obtained fraudulently. I don’t think that’s something you want made public. Or how you were planning to test it.
General Sperling: You always get your own way, don't you, Kane?
Adam: Well, no. Actually, I don’t. Not as often as I would like. But I gotta tell you, times like these kinda make up for it.

Brennan: So how did he react to that?
Adam: Well, he didn’t blow any blood vessels, but I think he’s working on it.
Brennan: What about Morrison?
Adam: He’s back with his family, thanks to you. You did a good thing going back in to save him, Brennan.
Brennan: I figured it was the thing to do.
Adam: Your father would’ve been proud.
Brennan: You knew?
Adam: And just for the record, we’re all proud.

Trivia & Nitpicks: A Vietnam War fighter pilot, Brennan’s father was shot down and killed behind enemy lines in 1971 before ever meeting his son. This is one of the largest stretches for the Mutant X timeline, since Brennan, who is supposed to be in his late twenties, would actually be in his mid-thirties if he was born in 1972, unless season 2 occurred prior to 2002.

Even in the midst of a jungle war zone, the comlinks will work short-range, despite the Helix’s communications being down. Remember this.

As evidenced by Shalimar’s astounded “Is that what it feels like when you phase?”, this is the first time Jesse actually phases other people (who happen to be inside the Helix). Prior to this, Jesse phased the walls and allowed his teammates to walk through them.

This is also the only episode in which Emma demonstrates that she can broadcast emotions in a wide band, not just individually.

Adam brags that his intelligence network is better than the military’s. That may be true, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of information that one should be broadcasting publically.

It's never explained what the phased vibrational generator actually does, though it sounds like a very dangerous device which generates vibrations of something that are in phase with...uh...something else.

General Sutton seems to know Adam pretty well. Which might explain how Colonel Aaron Gaumont knew so much about Mutant X in “Power Play”–-the team doesn’t seem to be much of a secret among the military brass.

Daniel Morrison is wearing a U.S. flag on his uniform and identifies Brennan as an American, winning two points for those who say Mutant X takes place in the U.S. Of course, technically, Canada is in America. And it’s possible that Adam came from Canada to scold a United States general about the military misuse of his peaceful technology. Plus, neither Canada nor the United States has an “Office of Defense Testing.”

And no, Kovakistan isn’t a real country...that is not outside of the internet game Nation States.

General Sutton receives an urgent communication that the plane he ordered to deliver a weapon of mass destruction was shot down in the middle of a deadly war zone. As the head of the Office of Defense Testing, his next move is to sit back in his chair and leisurely read his newspaper.

Adam sends Mutant X unarmed into a war to collect the PVG, only to become terribly anxious on noticing that their altitude is less than 1,000 feet. How did he expect them to pick up the weapon without landing? This still isn’t Star Trek, and Emma isn’t a telekinetic. Well...not that we know of, anyway. ;)

Emma says that she can sense anyone coming from half a mile away when she opens up fully, yet she’s demonstrated in earlier episodes that her range actually far exceeds a half a mile.

Martial arts master Brennan, who can singlehandedly take out 9 GS agents without using his powers, is knocked cold by one punch from Irina. Mason, you need to hire this girl!

Brennan electrocutes himself twice, seemingly forgetting both times that he is soaking wet. That near-death experience in “Power Play” really took a toll on his brain function.

When Emma senses approaching government troops, Jesse says he can put the Helix into stealth until they’ve passed. But a little later, he’ll tell Adam that “the stealth systems are still down.”

As Shalimar's in the jungle, crawling through a tangle of rusty barbed wire in her half-a-shirt, we can only hope she’s had her tetanus shot.

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