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Normal Life, A

Mutant X Episode Synopses

A Normal Life: Episode #314.

Tag: Mutant X tracks down a rogue scientist while Shalimar breaks away from the team to help Adam save the scientist and uncover the real bad guy. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Peter Mohan; Directed by Alan Goluboff
George Buza....Lexa's Dominion Contact
Bob Desrosiers....Council Member #4
Sten Eirik....Anthony Gervais
David Frisch....Council Member #2
Ian Leung....Council Member #3
Jung-Yul Kim....Guard
David J. MacNeil....Council Member #1
Elizabeth Royer....Miranda Dennis
Jeff Seymour....Council Head
Shaun Smyth....Keith Burstyn

Official Synopsis: Jesse (Forbes March) uses heat signals to guide Brennan (Victor Webster), Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) and Lexa (Karen Cliche) through a warehouse towards a man who is holding five members of the Dominion council captive. The team enters a room where an image of a digitally altered man, and the hostages trapped in a glassed-in area behind him, appears. The man says that since the Dominion has not paid his demands, one of the captives will suffer. He hits a remote control and the enclosure fills with smoke. As the air clears, Mutant X sees the hostages are now frozen like statues. A light suddenly comes on and the team is startled to find a frozen woman in the room with them. When Shalimar takes a step towards the woman, the stranger who's recently been contacting her and feeding her information, shouts a warning over her comlink not to touch the body. The warning is seconds too late, however, as Shalimar's movements have already triggered a ball bearing, which drops on the victim's head, shattering her body. At Sanctuary, Lexa's Dominion contact tells her the kidnapper is Keith Burstyn (Shaun Smyth), who was working for the Dominion to create a method of suspended animation until six months earlier when he disappeared. The contact then says they've become aware of untraceable communications coming into Sanctuary and orders her to find out who it is. After doing some research on Keith, Jesse informs the team that Keith was a standout citizen and doesn't fit the kidnapper profile. Still reeling from the woman's death earlier, Shalimar goes to her room. She suddenly gets a call from the same stranger, and when she demands to know his identity, is stunned to see a holographic image of Adam Kane (John Shea) appear in front of her. Refusing to believe it's really Adam, he tells her things only he would know. Adam explains that an unknown enemy was after him and that faking his death was his only option. Believing the same people may be responsible for the abduction of the Dominion Council Members, he asks for her help, but insists she not tell the rest of Mutant X he's alive. Meanwhile at Dominion headquarters, Lexa's contact meets with the Council Head (Jeff Seymour) and Council Member Anthony Gervais (Sten Eirik). The Council Head suggests that whoever is communicating with Mutant X may be trying to turn them against the Dominion, and therefore, Mutant X must be monitored closely. Lexa asks Brennan and Jesse about the incoming calls, but they both claim to know nothing. Reviewing the computer records, Jesse discovers another call recently came through to Shalimar's terminal. With Shalimar gone, Jesse retrieves an address from her computer and Brennan and Lexa head out. Across town, Shalimar arrives at the address and finds Keith, who claims he's not involved in the kidnapping. Adam's image appears and tells Shalimar that Keith was framed and must be kept safe until he can create a counter-agent for the deadly freezing process. When Brennan comlinks Shalimar, she tells him Keith is innocent. She then puts her comlink ring on the ground and per Adam goes with Keith to a country house that has been set up with an array of genetic lab equipment. Keith tells Shalimar that he's been trying to reanimate the frozen bodies for a long time, but it's always ended up causing serious cell damage. Believing that a microwave accelerator might be the key, Adam appears and tells them there's one in Sanctuary. That night, Shalimar slips into Sanctuary and finds the machine in the storage room. When Brennan suddenly enters, Shalimar runs for the Helix where Lexa is waiting. Left with no choice, Shalimar knocks Lexa out with a vicious spin-kick and then takes off. As Lexa recovers, Jesse works to gain control of the Helix from Sanctuary. When the wheel locks up in the ship, Adam appears on the monitor and gives Shalimar a code that enables her to steady the craft. Back at Sanctuary, Jesse manipulates the image of the kidnapper's digitized face and discovers it's Council Member Anthony Gervais. Jesse then tells the team that he's tracked the Helix to a field and Brennan leaves to retrieve it. When Brennan returns, Jesse and Lexa reveal that they think they've located Gervais. Brennan, Jesse and Lexa soon arrive at the location and Jesse picks up six heat signals inside -- three moving and three still. When Brennan and Lexa split up to find Gervais and the hostages, two Plexiglas walls move into place, trapping Brennan. He comlinks Lexa, who rushes to his rescue only to find him frozen. Gervais then appears and says that unless he's paid, Brennan will die. Back at the country house, Keith is working to reanimate the frozen cells when Adam appears and informs them that Brennan has been captured. Keith finally perfects the process and shows Shalimar how it's done. As Shalimar heads out to help Brennan, Keith returns to his apartment to gather his things. When Shalimar calls Jesse to let him know she's going to save Brennan, he and Lexa head out. At Gervais' headquarters, Shalimar finds Brennan and uses the microwave accelerator to restore his body. Shalimar leaves him to rest while she goes to find the hostages. She locates them and is about to use the accelerator, when Gervais comes over the intercom and tells her she's too late. As Gervais begins inputting the commands to destroy the bodies, a shaky Brennan appears and blasts him with a massive tesla coil. With everyone safe, Lexa calls her Dominion contact and is told they're still going after Keith even though he's innocent. Hearing this, Shalimar takes off for Keith's apartment. When he comes out to greet her, Keith sees a team of Dominion operatives close behind and runs back inside. Just as he enters the building, it explodes and Shalimar falls to her knees in anguish. The next day, Shalimar is in her room when holograms of Adam and Keith appear. Adam explains that they faked Keith's death to avoid his capture. Shalimar then asks Adam when she'll see him again, but he just smiles at her lovingly and disappears.

The Voice: There have been untraceable communications coming into Sanctuary over the past week.
Lexa: Huh. I guess Big Brother really is watching. I guess nothing should surprise me anymore.
The Voice: Sanctuary is funded by the Dominion. We look after our interests. You’re saying you don’t know the source of thses transmissions?
Lexa: No. But I’ll ask the others.
The Voice: Do that. The Council is out for blood. Don’t let it be yours.

Shalimar: Why didn't the Dominion pay the ransom?
Lexa: Because they don't respond to demands.
Brennan: Not even for their own people? They're even colder then you are.
Lexa: I'll take that as a compliment.

Shalimar: Adam? You’re alive?
Adam: It’s a hologram. It’s too dangerous for me to come here in person.
Shalimar: How do I even know it’s you?
Adam: The day we met, I found you hiding in the alley. You thought I was like the others, that I was there to hurt you. You lashed out at me.
Shalimar: But I saw you fall. I tried to save you. And Eckhart said he found your body. He had your ring.
Adam: Well, you should have known not to trust him.
Shalimar: How could you do that to me? You let me believe that you died with Emma.
Adam: Look, we all suffered when Emma died. But not being able to be with you all made it even worse.
Shalimar: You can’t just come back in here and do this to me.
Adam: Shalimar, my colleagues were disappearing, being killed. My sources told me that I was the next target. The explosion was my way out.
Shalimar: You could’ve told us!
Adam: I couldn’t! Would’ve put you in the same danger I was in.
Shalimar: What danger? From who?
Adam: I’m not quite sure yet. But signs of their activity are heating up. They might be the ones responsible for the kidnapping.
Shalimar: You said you could help us find who was responsible.
Adam: I can get you to Burstyn. He’s not what he seems to be.
Shalimar: Just take me to the bastard.
Adam: I’ll get you his address. But you have to promise me that you will go in after him alone. The others cannot know about this. My life depends upon it.
Shalimar: Don’t make me do this, Adam.
Adam: I will tell the others as soon as I can that I’m alive. But this has to be between us.
Shalimar: I can’t do this behind their backs!
Adam: Shalimar, if you want his address, you have to.
Shalimar: Can I trust you? Now?
Adam: I promise. No more lies.

Lexa: You know something about this and you’re not telling me. I'm not the enemy here, Brennan.
Brennan: I guess we should keep reminding ourselves of that.

The Voice: We need to talk.
Lexa: This isn’t a secure terminal.
The Voice: Forget the secure terminal. The council knows that Shalimar Fox helped Keith Burstyn escape.
Lexa: We’re working to get them back.
The Voice: I want to know how long she’s been involved with him.
Lexa: She isn’t.
The Voice: Are you just ignorant of what’s going on, or are you a part of it? She’s been plotting with him right under your nose!
Lexa: Look, we don’t even know what really happened, okay? For all we know, he may have kidnapped her.
The Voice: Now we both know that’s not true.
Lexa: We’ll get her back, okay? Both of them.
The Voice: Do that. There are forces hostile to the Dominion that are trying to turn Mutant X against us. They won’t hesitate to rip the team apart in the process.
Lexa: That may have already happened.

Shalimar: Sorry. I used to cut science class.
Keith Burstyn: I wish I had too sometimes.

Jesse: I don’t understand. She doesn’t have the codes to get that deep into our system.
Brennan: Somebody’s gotta be helping her.
Jesse: Yeah, but who could’ve gotten into our system? The Dominion?
Lexa: Oh, please. They wouldn’t jeopardize their own operation.
Brennan: How would you know that? You only know about the little tidbits that they throw at you.
Lexa: Well, maybe she got a little help from the inside.
Jesse: Hey, we want her back just a badly as you do.
Brennan: Okay, you know what? She did say something. She said that Burstyn was being framed.
Lexa: So far today, she’s helped a murderer escape, she stole classified equipment and kicked my ass. So forgive me if I don’t take everything she says as gospel.

Keith Burstyn: So how long have you worked with Adam?
Shalimar: About ten years. Found me living on the streets, took me in. Helped me come to terms with who I am.
Keith: He’s a good guy. Honorable.
Shalimar: I always thought so.
Keith: You don’t anymore?
Shalimar: I don’t know what to think anymore. Until a few hours ago, I thought he was dead. Everything’s so complicated now. You know, we used to have a clear mission: Help other people like us, other mutants. Clean up the genetic mess they made at Genomex.
Keith: And now?
Shalimar: I guess I’m where you were when you left. Not knowing the people I worked for, not knowing who to trust, not really having an option.
Keith: Yeah. That’s the way I felt. I did everything they asked me to do and it cost me everything. That’s when I left.
Shalimar: It’s not that easy for me. I’m a little different.
Keith: Yeah, I noticed. That’s what I like about you.
Shalimar: I’m a feral, and when I sense anything that threatens my family, I fight. I’ll fight to the death. And right now, it feels like we are up against something that’s so big, you know? Something we might not be able to walk away from. They need me right now.
Keith: Hey, you know, it’s good to care about your family. But you have to know what you need too.
Shalimar: Not that easy to just disappear.
Keith: It is. Your life can be anything you want. With anybody you want it to be with. Shalimar, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you own yourself the chance to find out what makes you happy and you go out and grab it. You just think about that.

Brennan: You know, another person would’ve said something right about now, like, I was wrong, Shal was right?
Lexa: She didn’t have to play it the way she did.
Brennan: Why? Because you would have given her the benefit of the doubt?
Lexa: Hey, you think I haven’t? I’ve been lying to the Dominion since this whole thing started to cover her ass.
Brennan: Yeah, that’s the right thing to do.
Lexa: Look, another one of the hostages died about an hour ago. The Dominion got his hand back in a box. Do you even understand how dangerous our situation is right now? I’ve put my head in a noose for you and you’re still holding out on me!
Brennan: All right, Lex. The communications that you're interested in? Now Shal’s only told me about this, but she has been getting calls from somebody.
Lexa: Who?
Brennan: I don’t know, but the guy’s been giving her information about our missions. This thing’s got her all freaked out and I’ve been helping her through it.
Lexa: And you couldn’t tell me that?
Brennan: No, we didn’t know if we could trust the guy. And futhermore, I didn’t know if we told you, if I could trust the information wouldn’t get back to the Dominion.
Lexa: Well, you’re right. Thanks for telling me now.

Adam: You're starting to feel for him.
Shalimar: Thanks for the privacy. Man, I thought you were controlling when you were with us. You're even worse as a hologram.

Shalimar: Why’d you have to come back, Adam?
Adam: Shalimar–
Shalimar: Breeze back into my life and turn everything upside down.
Adam: Shalimar, we’ve got to find out who’s behind this. We’ve got to figure out if they’re the same people who are trying to kill me, and then your life is gonna be your own again.
Shalimar: Was it ever my own? I can’t help wondering if my life was all planned out for me before I was even born. You know, Genomex wrote it into my genes, you know, along with all that other stuff and everything that I say and do, it’s just acting out what some scientist wanted to happen.
Adam: No, no. Your destiny has always been in your own hands. We're going to make sure it stays that way.

Lexa: Where is she? She said she’d be here.
Jesse: Well, you’re not the only one who can be invisible.

Anthony Gervais: You’re too late. All you’ll have to work with is dust.
Brennan: You done twirling your moustache?

Shalimar: I can’t believe you did it again.
Adam: Well, I guess I’m good at making people disappear.
Shalimar: How could you let me believe he died?
Adam: Shalimar, I’m sorry. It was the only way. It had to be like this. Your believing he was dead was the thing that convinced The Dominion.
Shalimar: I've got too many ghosts in my life.
Keith Burstyn: Adam’s sending me into the new mutant underground.
Shalimar: You’re gonna finally get what you were looking for.
Keith: There’s still time. You can come with me.
Shalimar: You don’t know how good that sounds right about now. But I can’t leave. Not yet, anyway.

Adam: Well, thanks for making the right choices. ‘Cause you know your destiny isn’t something you’re running away from. It’s something you’re running toward. You were right to trust your instincts.
Shalimar: Trust you. I don’t know if that’s the same thing. And it scares me that I don't know the difference.

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode's title, "A Normal Life," is part of Dr. Richard Saunders's query to Shalimar in "Fool for Love": "Don't you ever get tired of being special? Don't you ever long for a normal life?" She has a similar conversation with Keith Burstyn in this episode.

Adam has a scar on his left chest where Shalimar attacked him at their first meeting.

How does Adam know that touching Miranda Dennis will kill her? Was he watching the kidnapper as he set up the trap?

As a feral with enhanced hearing, shouldn’t Shalimar have heard the ball coming long before it dropped from the ceiling? Her reflexes are so advanced that she picked that knife out of the air before it hit Brennan in “Wages of Sin.”

The Dominion Council head states that he has the best tactitians in the world in his organization. Anthony Gervais clearly ain't one of them. It's pretty unwise to demand ransom money with a slightly blurred holographic image of...yourself. If you're going to send a hologram which you do not want identified, make it look like someone else.

Lexa: Huh. I guess big brother really is watching (reference: Proxy Blue in "Shock of the New").

In this episode, Santa tells Lexa that The Dominion traces all incoming calls to Sanctuary. Remember this in "The Assault."

When Jesse informs the team of Keith's highly academic background, Brennan says that he doesn’t sound like the kind of guy that gets off on murdering innocent people. That’s an odd thing to say; some of the villains we’ve encountered in Mutant X have been intelligent.

You can hear Hologram!Adam’s footsteps as he walks to Shalimar in her room; you can see his breath and his hair being blown by the wind as he talks to her on the rooftop. Now that's a pretty realistic hologram.

Adam says that his colleagues were being killed, and that his sources told him he was next; that he didn’t tell Mutant X he was still alive because it would have put them in the same danger as he was in. We know from "The Assault" that The Creator never intended to kill Adam. So who was killing scientists, and who told Adam that he was going to be killed?

Adam may have intended to test Shalimar's loyalty by telling her to keep his existence a secret from the others, but his decision only puts Mutant X directly in conflict with The Dominion's interests.

Anybody else curious about what Keith’s doing out on the roof with a paper cup and a plastic bucket in the first place?

Why would Adam choose Shalimar to help Keith find a counter-agent for the process rather than someone with a little more scientific background, like Jesse? Unless Adam's just setting Shalimar up on a date...

When Shalimar has to run back to Sactuary for the particle accelerator, Adam clears the alarms and opens the doors to get her in. Too bad he wasn't around in "No Exit," eh?

Shal locks Brennan in the supply room, throws Lexa against the wall, and takes the Helix. This is actually the only time Shalimar flies the Helix in season 3; the rest of the episodes, she's the co-pilot.

Wait, wait. There's a way to override The Helix's controls from Sanctuary, forcing it to dock in the landing bay? Why didn't Adam make use of that when Ash-nan stole the Helix in "Lit Fuse," or when Jesse took off after his father in "Blood Ties"?

Talk about losing focus. Shalimar’s off romancing the cute lonely scientist–-they both seem to have forgotten all about the hostages until Adam tells them that Brennan has become one of them.

What are Jesse and Lexa doing that it takes them so long to reach Gervais? They split off from Shalimar to find Gervais even before Shalimar reanimates Brennan, yet Brennan manages to reach him first.

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