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Nothing to Fear

Mutant X Episode Synopses

Nothing to Fear: Episode #119.

Tag: A powerful mutant practices mind control on the members of Mutant X to punish them for the death of his wife.

Cast & Crew: Written by Elizabeth Keyishian; Directed by T.J. Scott
Justin Louis....Henry Voight
Renata Spandel....Brianna Voight

Official Synopsis: Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) comes to the aid of Henry Voight (Justin Louis), a mutant with powerful mind control abilities, who is being pursued by GSA agents. Surprisingly, when Brennan (Victor Webster) arrives on the scene, the agents retreat. While he investigates, Shalimar stays with Henry and learns that he is actually a GSA agent himself, and has set them up. Before Shalimar can react, Henry presses his palm, bearing a triangular symbol, against her temple, creating a red web-like substance. Brennan returns, and seeing Shalimar in danger, shoots a bolt of electricity that breaks the connection between the two. The symbol, however, has been branded into her temple, but quickly disappears as Henry flees. Henry meets with Eckhart (Tom McCamus) informing him that Shalimar is now under his control, and will reveal Sanctuary's location. Meanwhile at the lab, Adam (John Shea) performs a body scan on Shalimar, while Brennan and Jesse (Forbes March) search the mutant database for information about Henry. The two are shocked to learn that Henry's wife, Brianna (Renata Spandel), worked for the GSA and died in the line of duty. That night, the triangular symbol reappears on Shalimar's temple as she sleeps. She rises, goes to the media wall console and bypasses the system's security shield. Moments later, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) enters, notices the glowing imprint on Shalimar, and realizes that she is deactivating Sanctuary's security system. A struggle ensues between the two, but Shalimar is able to break away just as GSA agents storm Sanctuary and take over the computer. Meanwhile, Brennan and Jesse awaken to find themselves surrounded by agents. Both have both been implanted with subdermal governors. Adam enters and tries to save the Mutant X database. All except Adam are captured by the GSA and hauled off to Genomex. Brennan kneels next to a sleeping Shalimar, who is drenched in sweat and struggling to breathe. It is obvious that this has all been a dream. Noticing the glowing imprint on Shalimar's head, Brennan calls out to Adam in a panic. Adam rushes Shalimar to the lab, where he deduces that Henry must have taken control of her subconscious when she fell asleep. Whatever is happening in her mind is affecting her body. Emma wants to use her telempathic powers to connect with Shalimar, but Adam forbids her, fearful that Henry might take over her mind through Shalimar. Back in Shalimar's mind, Eckhart uses scare tactics to try to get her to divulge information about Mutant X. As Adam and Emma observe Shalimar, they notice her skin has begun to burn. They frantically wrap her in bandages and assume that she is being tortured for information in her dream. Against Adam's orders, Emma connects with Shalimar and tells her that it's all just a nightmare. Meanwhile, DNA clues lead Brennan and Jesse to a rail yard where Henry's father worked. Sensing intruders, Henry emerges from a trance just as Jesse swings the train car door open and confronts him. Henry flashes his palm in Jesse's face and takes him under his control before turning to Brennan. Brennan is able to block his eyes from the glowing symbol. The two men engage in a scuffle, but Henry finally flees the scene. Back at Sanctuary, the team realizes that Brennan has also fallen under Henry's control when the symbol suddenly appears on his arm. Adam pumps Jesse and Brennan full of stimulants to keep them awake, knowing if they fall asleep, Henry will invade their minds and use their fears against them to get information. Overcome with exhaustion, Adam finally allows the two to sleep, but reminds them that anything they experience is only a dream. When their vital signs show they are about to fall into comas, Adam asks Emma to use her powers to enter their dreams and convince Henry that Mutant X was not responsible for Brianna's death. Emma gets a glimpse of Brianna, but when Adam leaves the lab momentarily, Henry's voice suddenly emerges through Brennan and he tells Emma that Mutant X will suffer for what they did to his wife. Brennan grabs Emma and puts his hand to her temple, imprinting her. Adam rushes in, but Emma is already unconscious. Later, Eckhart scolds Henry for failing in his mission. Henry responds by telling Eckhart that he blames both him and Mutant X for his wife's death, revealing that he has imprinted Eckhart as well. Meanwhile, Adam furiously scans through Brianna's information. Upon learning that she is a "Section Nine," he immediately hooks himself up to the EKG machine and falls into a dreamscape where he meets Henry. He informs Henry that the GSA reported that Brianna died, but she is actually alive and being kept in a storage area in the GSA. When Henry refuses to listen, Adam brings him to Eckhart, who out of fear confirms that if Brianna is a "Section Nine," it means she is in stasis. Adam orders Henry to release everyone from his power, promising that he will soon be reunited with Brianna. The Mutant X team and Eckhart awake from their dreamscape unharmed, and Eckhart orders Brianna's release, sending her home with her husband.

Shalimar: Why’d you wait so long to contact us?
Henry Voight: I thought I could handle them, but they’re very persistent.
Shalimar: Yeah, usually. But they fell back pretty fast today.
Henry: Maybe they’re afraid of ferals. Where’re we headed?
Shalimar: Well, first to a safehouse, then an escort will take you to the underground.
Henry: Is that where Brennan’s meeting us?
Shalimar: I don’t remember Brennan telling you his name.

Emma: You said Henry pressed his hand against your head.
Shalimar: Yeah, he’s a psionic. He was reading me...the way you used to.
Emma: So what’d it feel like?
Shalimar: Like a violation. So weird. I could feel the heat from his hand and it was like he was with me inside my head.

Mason: I’m concerned, Henry, that you’re more interested in torturing them and less interested in getting me what I need.
Henry: You’ll get what you want.
Mason: Have you ever considered renting an apartment?
Henry: I like it here.
Mason: Well, I suppose you’ve made it your to speak.

Emma: Shalimar, stop it!
Dreamscape!Shalimar: You’re kidding, right?

Mason!Henry: They’ll never forgive you. Nothing will change what you’ve done.
Shalimar: That’s not true. [takes Mason hostage] I’ll kill him if you don’t let them all go.
Mason: You’re not the one controlling the situation. Henry is.
Shalimar: Nobody controls me.
Mason: What do you think we’ve been doing? You never had a chance.

Mason!Henry: You’re very resourceful, Miss Fox. But there’s nothing you can do now that will change the facts. One, you led us to Sanctuary. Henry, of course, was the one who guided your hand, but it was still your hand. Two, I have all of your Mutant X teammates in my custody. Now here’s the deal I’m willing to offer.
Shalimar: I’m not interested in any deals.
Mason!Henry: Have you completely lost touch with your feral need to protect the pack?
Shalimar: You don’t know anything about me.
Mason!Henry: Your psionic teammate doesn’t seem to have much left in her.
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Mason!Henry: She lacks your inner strength.
Shalimar: Make them stop!
Mason!Henry: Tell me about the new mutant underground and I’ll make sure that they stop. My people have a wager on how long Miss DeLauro will last. Care to place your bet?

Mason: You do a very good impression of me. The look, the behavior, the choice of language.
Henry: You’re just more obvious and predictable that you’d like to think.
Mason: I want the location of Sanctuary and the information from the new mutant database.
Henry: And that’s what you’ll get.
Mason: You seem to be more interested in torturing her.
Henry: I’m doing whatever I need to do to get anything out of her.
Mason: Well, don’t kill her in the process. I have a stasis pod with her name on it. Who is this?
Henry: You should know who she is. She used to work at the GSA.
Mason: I don’t remember her at all.

Emma: We can’t just let him do this to her; we’ve got to do something, Adam!
Adam: No, we’ve got to rely on her tough it out.

Shalimar: Emma?
Emma: It’s just a nightmare, Shalimar. It’s not real unless you believe it is. You’ve got to fight it. Don’t let him win.
Adam: Emma, don’t!
Emma: He’s got her trapped somewhere. It looks like Genomex, but it’s not. It’s some kind of dreamscape. She’s so terrified, Adam. But I think she heard me.
Adam: Well, she must have. Her pulse is dropping. But Emma, that was very dangerous. You’re both psionics, he could have pulled you in though her mind.
Emma: But he didn’t. Now maybe she can fight back.

Brennan: So Henry can read your fears, huh?
Jesse: Yeah, that’s what Emma said.
Brennan: Right, so he’ll have plenty to choose from.

Emma: Come on, Jesse, you aren’t afraid of anything.
Jesse: Ha! Not afraid of anything? Being buried alive terrifies me. Look, I can’t be buried alive, ok?

Mason!Henry: Are you asking to negotiate your freedom for certain information, Mr. Kilmartin?
Jesse: What sort of information?
Mason!Henry: The location of Sanctuary, he database of the new mutant underground. I didn’t think so. Your feral friend wasn’t much help either. Not that that matters anymore.

Adam: You have to tell me your fears.
Brennan: Won't let myself think like that.
Emma: C’mon, Brennan. They’re buried in there somewhere. Henry’s gonna find them.
Brennan: I was afraid of my powers when I was a kid.
Adam: What, you mean using your powers?
Brennan: Afraid of them being used against me.

Brennan!Henry: You think Vivaldi makes me nicer? You’re wrong. All it does is remind me of how much I want to make you suffer for what you did to Brianna.
Emma: Henry?
Brennan!Henry: You’re a psionic. I can pull you in here with me. How about it? You want to come in here and play with your friends?
Emma: Adam!
Brennan!Henry: He can’t help you. You're already mine.

Henry: They’re all in there now. And they’ll pay for what they did.
Mason: Mr. Voight, as I feared, you seem to have lost sight of your immediate goal.
Henry: My wife died in the crossfire in a battle between your GS agents and Mutant X.
Mason: Yes, of course. A tragedy beyond recognition.
Henry: I blame Mutant X.
Mason: As you should.
Henry: I blame you. You should have protected her. She wasn’t trained or prepared for those kinds of operations.
Mason: If she was out... in the field...
Henry: What’s the matter? You feeling tired?
Mason: What do you mean?
Henry: I wondered how long it would take my toxins to seep through your plastic skin. Remember I showed you the dreamscape?
Mason: Oh my God.
Henry: Are you ready for your nightmare?

Adam: Well, I know he’s not in the pod, Henry, because you’re not in control here. I am.
Henry: Only for the moment.
Adam: Where are they?
Henry: They’re around. They’re a strong, sturdy group. They were able to confront their worst fears. You were lucky to have known them.

Mason: Adam? Are you real or just some other horrible figment of my imagination?
Adam: Tell Henry what you know about his wife.
Mason: I told him before I don’t remember a thing about her. My skin. The bacteria from all this filth has already infiltrated.
Adam: Mason, look at me. Look at me! Tell him what a Section 9 is.
Mason: Get me out of here. Then I’ll tell him.
Adam: You tell him now.
Mason: I’m slightly distracted in here. When one of our GS agents is deemed unreliable, we put him in Section 9.
Henry: She--she dead or not?
Mason: If she’s in Section 9, she’s alive. She’s in stasis.
Henry: Then why didn’t you tell me?
Mason: I didn’t know! She must have been so far down the bureaucratic chain that it wasn’t even a thought.
Henry: She hated working for you. She hated everything about what you did.
Mason: That must have been why her reliability was questioned.
Adam: Let the others go. You can keep me here until you get Brianna back

Mason: Brianna Voight is in a pod in Section 9. If she’s not gone, let her out. Make sure Henry finds her. Make sure they both leave the premises. And someone find me my clothes!

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode's title, "Nothing to Fear," is part of a slightly altered quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt's first inaugural address in 1933: "...let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." Roosevelt is often misquoted as saying "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

The pods are in section 9 of Genomex.

FedRail = Train company. I guess there's no Amtrak in the Mutant X 'verse.

Deepest fears revealed: Shalimar's is fire (we already knew that), Jesse's is being buried alive, Brennan's is having his powers used against him, Mason's is becoming infected, and Emma's is being blind. Too bad we never actually see Adam's dreamscape.

GS agents do have lives outside the office! Brianna was studying to be a concert violinist.

Emma's non-telempathic power #12: Emma gets a hit off of an inanimate object, Brianna's photograph.

Shalimar is taken aback when Henry calls Brennan by his name, even though Brennan didn't give it to him. But since she was yelling "Brennan!" as they were running just two minutes before, unless Henry's deaf, he could easily have picked up Brennan's name.

Fashion victim: Brennan and that hat! Is it cold? Even in Sanctuary? Why is Brennan all bundled up?

Shalimar is back in spandex for the EDD scan. I thought Adam fixed that thing. Or is there something about New Mutants that makes the EDD thrown off by normal cotton clothes?

Emma: You said Henry pressed his hand on your head?
Shalimar: Yeah. He's a psionic. He was reading me...the way you used to.

The delivery of that line is rather suggestive. So if they like messing with the slashers (see "Interface"), at least they mess with the femme slashers equally.

I still find it odd that Henry thinks the train car is homey.

Also, is it just me or does T.J. Scott seem to direct all the episodes where they make Victoria do the emotionally taxing stuff? (It's like, oh, we're being hard on you... we'll have your husband direct!)

Why does Shalimar crash in the main part of Sanctuary? We know from "Double Vision" that they have rooms. Well, you know, other than the really cute Brennan/Shalimar moment. This is probably about the time they start leaning towards something a little more romantic towards the two of them. (Ever notice that no matter how tough a girl is on these shows their male friends always start getting protective whenever they show a romantic interest in someone?)

Emma is concerned because Shalimar is silencing the alarms "on an open channel that anyone can pick up." This doesn't seem to make sense, even with Shalimar's "I'm running a test" excuse.

The GSA shows up very fast. Do they have a Double Helix too? This is interesting, as they drag Jesse and Brennan from their beds--which are located in a very different place from where they're located in season 2. Also, the rooms are darkened and the camera shoots over their shoulders, towards the door. Conveniently preventing them from having to dress the set. So how come Brennan gets the mysterious room full of natural light at the end of "Deadly Desire" (the very next episode!)

On checking out the station:

Jesse: His wife was killed in action, right?
Brennan: Yeah, apparently.
Jesse: I wonder who she was fighting.
Brennan: Well, it wasn't us, I'd remember.

This is interesting, as I don't remember Mutant X ever killing GSA agents. This could be Brennan's point. Or it could be that they kill so few, he remembers everyone's face. It's hard to tell. It would also have been better if these lines were reversed--Mutant X was around a good, long while before Brennan joined up.

Why doesn't Jesse just phase through the pod in the dreamscape? Doesn't he know about directed dreaming? Isn't he supposed to be a geek? Shouldn't he have seen Star Trek Voyager?

Emma says that she doesn't know how she could get a hit from Brianna's photo though she's supposed to be dead. In "Inferno," we'll learn that she has indeed communed with the dead on at least one occasion in the past.

Normally there's only the EDD chair in Sanctuary. Then there are four beds around it. Why four? Adam's quite the pessimist, isn't he? I mean, Emma wasn't infected until Henry possessed Brennan. (Hmm. Force? Weak minded?)

Adam: You don't believe me? Let's go find Eckhart.
Why does Adam automatically assume that Mason is in the dreamscape too?

Ep Tally. Topless Brennan: 1 Adam Kisses: 1 Freak mentions: 0 Food intake: 0

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