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Oblivion -- Played by Tracy Shreve


Mutant Type: Elemental (Wind).

First Appearance: "Into the Moonless Night."

Quote: "The air is everywhere but in your lungs at the moment. Don't fight it, Brennan. Just let go."

Details: Oblivion was one of Mason Eckhart's molecular minions. When a disillusioned Brennan Mulwray temporarily walked away from Mutant X after Adam Kane's disappearance, Silva received word from a bartender about his whereabouts. Oblivion found Brennan in the bar, used her sex appeal to trick him into letting his guard down, sucked the air from his lungs, and brought him unconscious to Mason's hideout.

Trivia: The actress who played Oblivion, Tracy Shreve, once had a guest-starring role in "Adventure Inc." with Karen Cliche (Lexa Pierce).

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Tags: mutant x bible
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