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Operation Immortalis

Operation Immortalis.

First Appearance: "Age of Innocence."

Details: Colonel Henry Burns began Operation Immortalis in 1943, attempting to create an anti-aging sirtuan serum by transferring the genetic vitality of one person to another. Henry used Tomcats navy fighter pilots as guinea pigs until The Dominion learned of the gruesome deaths and shut the project down. As Henry’s heart began to fail 60 years later, he and his personal physician, Dr. Francis Gallant, restarted his work with the last surviving Tomcats, including Jesse Kilmartin’s grandfather William. Though the serum was temporarily effective on William and Henry, Jesse intervened, and William shot Henry in order to prevent him from continuing his research.

Trivia: Though Burns's research is called Operation Immortalis for the majority of the episode, Jesse asks Brennan to look up the files on "Project Immortalis" as he and Lexa are in Dr. Saunders's office.

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