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Details: In early 2002, Marvel planned three one-shot Mutant X comic books which were based upon events in the television show. These comic books gave more background information about the characters, for example, the origins of Genomex and the infamous "Incident X," where Mason Eckhart's immune system was destroyed. Despite the fact that the comic books' release had been pushed forward from October 2001 in order to capitalize on the show's predicted popularity, both fan and reviewer reception to these one-shots was lukewarm, and no more comic books were forthcoming.

The first book, "Origin: Once Upon a Time," explores the history of Genomex's new mutant research and the early relationship between Adam Kane and Mason Eckhart:

Journey to a brand new world where genetic experiments have created a brand new race of human beings. How did they come to exist? Who is responsible for their creation? What dark secret will be revealed to those who wish to find it out? It's not revealed in the TV show, but it's revealed here. Plus: this first double-sized issue includes special behind-the-scenes bonus material from the set of the TV show.

Click here to view the first four pages of the comic.

Released: May 2002
Written by: David Tischman & Howard Chaykin
Penciled by: Lee Ferguson
Inked by: Jon Holdredge
Lettered by: Tom Orzechowski
Colored by: Hi-Fi Design
Assistant Editors: Mike Raicht & Lynne Yoshii
Editors: Mike Marts & Andrew Lis
Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
President: Bill Jemas

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