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Particle Decelerator

Particle Decelerator.

First Appearance: "Understudy."

Details: Created by Walderson Industries, the particle decelerator completely freezes electron movement, thus shutting down anything electrical like computers, communications, a city's power grid, or a person's central nervous system.

From Tribune Entertainment's Mutant X Lives website: FROM HOLCOMB: JURGEN BARDO & THE PARTICLE DECELERATOR: Adam, this is a mere follow-up to our conversation, varifying the facts you and I were 99% certain of. Walderson Industries has finally delivered the complete statistics and blueprints for the stolen Particle Decelerator (which I’ve forwarded to you). It can indeed freeze electron movement. If applied to mechanics, it could shut down the power grids to entire cities. If applied to organics, it could switch off the brain and central nervous systems of a body. Final adjustments and tests were only run scant weeks ago, so there must have been a leak inside Walderson’s security. I already have a team working on that. You’ll see from the enclosed dossier on Jurgen Bardo, that I was correct to narrow down all suspects in the robbery to him. This is completely his style: entering the country under false credentials, utilizing local talent to commit the crime (and take the heat if something goes awry) and then scraping a fortune off the highest bids from an underground network of militant parties (mostly terrorists). While Bardo keeps his profile low, Secret Services have gathered enough information to eke out a few quirks (for example: he dresses well but seldom bathes, courts only German women and has been known to kill a contact rather than repeat instructions twice). Hopefully, this will aid your profile. I reluctantly accept your decision only to retrieve the Particle Decelerator but if Mutant X crosses with my own agents who’ll be pursuing Bardo, I trust they will be no conflict (you had your chance at stroking a few interested parties by apprehending him and passed, so not chide me if we walk across your backs to make the capture ourselves). Incidentally, I received your notification on Ms. Fox’s substitute and have issued a temporary clearance for her. However, the data you turned over on Ms. Rogers does not line up with the bureau listings, foster placement statistics or employment records currently available. Are you certain you know Nikki Rogers as well as you say you do?

Technobabble: Jesse: Walderson Industries didn’t want to make it public, but what those bikers got away with was something called a particle decelerator. 6 months ago, it would have been science fiction. Apparently, it can completely freeze electron movement.
Brennan: Well, that means it can also shut down anything electrical.
Jesse: That’s right. Computers, communications, or the power grids for an entire city.
Emma: So what would happen if you used it against another person?
Jesse: Well, that’s where it gets nasty. It would completely shut down their brain and their central nervous system.
Emma: Like turning people off.
Jesse: Hm.
Brennan: Well, looks like someone finally invented the death ray.

Trivia: Read about particle decelerators here.

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