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Past as Prologue: Episode #201

Tag: In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Ashlocke revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist who poses a lethal threat to the Mutant X team. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Howard Chaykin; Directed by T.J. Scott
Michael Easton....Gabriel Ashlocke
Soo Garay....Dr. Aziza Deparis
Lisa Marcos....Avaris
Melanie Marden....Valerie
Andrew Massingham....Lout
Marcus Tavillo....Neal Varadi

Official Synopsis: The evil mutant Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton) backs billionaire Neal Varadi (Marcus Tavillo) into a corner and demands that he hand over his ancient urn. When the terrified Varadi opens the wall safe, Ashlocke immediately snatches the urn and kills Varadi with a blast of energy. Suddenly, the window shatters to reveal Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), who lunges at Ashlocke, but is stopped by a force field he’s created. Brennan (Victor Webster) appears and shoots an electrical arc that sends Ashlocke flying. When Ashlocke recovers, he is overcome with dizziness and stumbles off with the urn. Returning to Sanctuary, Brennan and Shalimar tell Adam (John Shea) that Ashlocke may be sick, given the way he almost fainted. Adam insists that if this is true, he has to find a cure for the ailing mutant. That night, Dr. Aziza Deparis (Soo Garay) examines Ashlocke at his home, which is known as The Strand. Meanwhile, Shalimar awakens to find Ashlocke in her room. Just as he vanishes, Emma enters and tells her that what she’s seen is all in her mind. Back at the Strand, Aziza shakes Ashlocke out of a trance to inform him that his tests reveal he is dying as a result of his accelerated metabolism and the rapid mutation of his genes. He becomes furious when she tells him there is no cure. The next morning, Adam asks Jesse (Forbes March) and Emma to get a sample of Ashlocke’s DNA. As they set off on their mission, an emotional Shalimar berates Adam for wanting to save Ashlocke. Meanwhile, Jesse and Emma phase through the wall of The Strand and Emma stands guard as Jesse enters Ashlocke’s sanctum. When Emma is ambushed by Valerie (Melanie Marden), one of Ashlocke’s devout followers, who are collectively known as Links, Emma hits her with a psionic blast. Moments later, Jesse returns with one of Ashlocke’s used tissues. Back at The Strand, Ashlocke leads Aziza to the lab where he shows her a hologram of the beautiful ancient alchemist, Avaris. He then turns to the alchemist’s mummified body, which lies inside a water-filled tank and tells Aziza that he’s planning to bring Avaris back to life, confident that she’ll use her powers to save him. Meanwhile, tracking Ashlocke’s Links to Manhattan, Jesse and Brennan phase through the wall of the Gallery of Games just as Valerie and two Links are about to make off with a 3,000-year-old Ouija board. A brutal fight ensues and two of the Links flee with a crystal from the Ouija board, leaving Valerie behind. When she suddenly begins convulsing, Jesse and Brennan rush her to Sanctuary where Adam examines her. As they research the ancient Ouija board, Valerie’s life support system’s alarm suddenly sounds and she dies. Holding Valerie’s hand, Emma is struck by a telempathic vision of Ashlocke dying. Later at Sanctuary, Adam tells an irrational Shalimar that if Ashlocke is dying, he’s even more dangerous because he’s got nothing left to lose. Brennan then informs Adam that the Ouija board belonged to the ancient alchemist Avaris, that there are actually two crystals, and that the one that Ashlocke has is useless without the other. Realizing that Ashlocke is trying to save his own life with the formula inscribed on the crystals, Adam concludes that the Ouija board is the map that will lead them to the other half. Arriving in Alexandria, Egypt, Emma and Shalimar enter the Anthushi tomb and search for the panel that matches the pictograph from the Ouija board. The two finally find the panel and when Shalimar kicks the ancient wall, it crumbles revealing the other crystal. But just as Shalimar reaches for it, an image of Ashlocke appears and tries unsuccessfully to grab it from her hand. Back at Sanctuary, Adam tells Shalimar that choosing to save Ashlocke’s life is the most difficult decision he’s ever made. Meanwhile, at The Strand, Aziza informs Ashlocke that she adjusted Avaris’ DNA and all they have to do is supply a human host in order for her to come back to life. After a passionate kiss, Ashlocke suddenly shoves Aziza into the tank. When the reborn Avaris (Lisa Marcos) emerges, she asks Ashlocke for her crystals. Learning he has only one of them, she insists that he must retrieve the other before she’ll agree to save his life. When Adam suddenly enters with a mysterious device and tells the evil mutant he’s come to save him, Ashlocke shoots the object out of his hand. Adam reveals his half of the crystal just as Emma bursts in and overpowers Avaris with a psionic blast. Fleeing the room, Adam enters the lab where Brennan and Shalimar are fighting off Ashlocke’s Links. Using her feral senses, Shalimar finds Ashlocke’s half of the crystal and they join the two pieces. As Adam reads the hieroglyphics the crystal pyramid is projecting, Ashlocke and Avaris appear. Ignoring Avaris’ protests, Adam begins reciting specific ancient Egyptian words, which cause the alchemist to explode. The Mutant X team escapes in the nick of time as the entire lab blows up. That night, Adam and Shalimar have a heart-to-heart. Adam explains that he wants to keep Ashlocke alive so he can study him and learn how to save the members of the Mutant X team as they experience rapid mutations. Shalimar understands, but asks for Adam’s help in keeping the evil Ashlocke from invading her mind.

Gabriel: Make me look for it, and I’ll take you places you never thought pain can go. And I’ll take my time.

Brennan: Hey! You can look, but don’t touch.

Gabriel: You are really starting to piss me off.

Gabriel: So I take it I’m dying? I’m the most powerful man alive.
Aziza: That power is what’s killing you. You’re accelerated metabolism in tandem with the rapid mutation of your genes–
Gabriel: What can you do?
Aziza: Other than make you as comfortable possible for the time you have left, nothing.
Gabriel: I didn’t rot in that pod for 25 years just to drop dead!
Aziza: I’m afraid that’s exactly the way that it is.
Gabriel: You don’t understand. I was born to rule. It’s the ones who get in my way who die.

Brennan: So you’re sure sending them in was a good idea?
Adam: What do you mean, instead of sending you in?
Brennan: Well, let’s face it, I know a little more about breaking and entering.
Adam: Yeah, and a lot more about diving in first and checking for sharks later.

Shalimar: You can’t cure him, you know.
Adam: Well, what are you suggesting?
Shalimar: You know exactly what I think! We should take him out and be done with it!
Adam: Look, we have an opportunity here to–
Shalimar: This isn’t about you!
Adam: Well, it’s not about you. *Shal's eyes flash* Look, you wanna break something, that’s fine. Just don’t break it in here.

Guy: Hey ladies. I could use a little company.
Emma: C’mon, let’s go. Let’s get out of here. [Shal rips his car door off]
Shalimar: Explain that to your wife.
Guy: A simple no would’ve been fine.
Emma: Now can we go?
Shalimar: Now we can go.

Gabriel: Have you ever wanted to make someone so happy, but they won’t let you?

Gabriel: That won’t work.
Emma: Not on you.

Jesse: Hey! I thought we agreed, no powers!
Brennan: No, you agreed. I scored.

Jesse: Ashlocke was ready to kill for this?
Brennan: Ashlocke is ready to kill to get out of a parking ticket. He’s out of his freakin’ mind.
Jesse: Yeah, must be all that power, huh? The more you’ve got, the more you want and the further you get from human.
Brennan: What are you trying to say?
Jesse: I’m just thinking. Every day we learn more about these abilities
Brennan: What, are you trying to tell me you think we’re gonna end up like Ashlocke?
Jesse: No, that’s not what I’m saying.
Brennan: No, that’s exactly what you’re saying.
Jesse: Not what I was saying.

Adam: So, you happy? You may get your wish. Ashlocke’s dying.
Shalimar: Good. Let him die.
Adam: It’s not that simple.
Shalimar: Well, it seems pretty straightforward to me. Stand back, he dies. End of story. It’s that simple.
Adam: It’s not that simple. If he’s dying, then he’s got nothing to lose. If he’s got nothing to lose, that makes him even more dangerous.
Shalimar: I’m listening.

Gabriel: When I die, one thing’s for sure. Life is never again gonna be the same for those I leave behind. So you’d better help me find that miracle.

Gabriel: No! That’s mine.
Shalimar: I don’t think so. Sucks to be you.

Adam: Time to try it my way.
Shalimar: Well, I hope it works. ‘Cause if you’re wrong, Ashlocke’s gonna tear you limb from limb before I get the chance to kill him.
Adam: I know I’m putting us all at risk here. But believe me, the decision to try to save his life is the most difficult choice I’ve ever had to make.

Gabriel: Thank you. I’ll never forget your sacrifice.
Aziza: Sacrifice?
Gabriel: Oh yeah, sacrifice. Who gave you the right to tamper with Avaris?
Aziza: I saved your life, dammit.
Gabriel: That’s right. And I’ll never forget you.
Aziza: Gabriel? Gabriel, please!
Gabriel: You went behind my back. And let’s face it. In any relationship, trust is everything.

Gabriel: You come into my house and try to kill me?
Adam: I’m trying to save your life. You’ve got to trust me. I’ve got a cure.
Gabriel: This one’s mine. Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with? The ten year old boy you used to slap into a box?
Adam: I’m trying to help you.
Gabriel: Like you helped me before, Adam? Right into a 25 year coma?
Adam: All right, fine. Don’t say I didn’t try.
Gabriel: I have waited years for this. I only wish I had the time to make you suffer for as long as I have.

Jesse: I thought this guy was supposed to be sick!

Shalimar: I-uh-just wanted to say that I’m sorry about getting in your face about Ashlocke.
Adam: Look, I know asking you to help keep Ashlocke alive seems crazy, particularly after what he’s done to you, but there’s a lot I can learn from him.
Shalimar: It’s all about learning with you, isn’t it, Adam? It feels like Genomex all over.
Adam: What I can learn from him is how to keep you alive. Ashlocke’s not the only one with ongoing mutations. You’ve seen your powers change. Chances are, they’ll change again.
Shalimar: You’re saying we’re gonna flame out like he is?
Adam: You’re not like him. All of you are more stable.
Shalimar: So, um, do you think he made it out of that building before it went up?
Adam: Well, you know how tricky Ashlocke is. I won’t believe he’s dead until I see him lowered into the ground.
Shalimar: Hey, Adam. You think you can do something to keep him out of my head? I mean, I can deal with him wanting to kill me, but man, when he gets in there–
Adam: Hey, you okay?
Shalimar: Look at me, I’m acting like a little kid. I just never thought that I’d meet anybody that could make me feel this weak.
Adam: It’s not weakness. The way he got to you is through your soul. Anybody would feel this way. Okay?
Shalimar: Look, we have to stop him before he gets his hooks into anyone else’s soul.
Adam: We will.

Trivia & Nitpicks: This episode's title, "Past as Prologue," is the slightly altered version of Antonio's line from William Shakespeare's play, The Tempest: "We were all sea swallow'd, though some cast again, And by that destiny to perform an act Whereof what's past is prologue; what to come in yours and my discharge."

This is the last Howard Chaykin episode of Mutant X, and the last appearance of Proxy Blue.

The introductory voice-over introduces Adam’s surname for the first time in the series.

Special guest star: Lisa Marcos, who plays Avaris, reappears as the lab technician we see over and over again at Broder Biochem in "Possibilities."

Emma’s non-telempathic power #13: Emma is able to see the illusions Gabriel’s putting into Shalimar’s mind, and can get rid of them with a psionic blast.

Emma's hippie mother was into magic as well as organic foods.

Jesse may have been quite the Karate Kid when he was growing up, but his baseball skills are kind of hit and miss.

In “A Breed Apart,” Adam warned the team to practice their new powers outside of Sanctuary so as not to destroy anything. Well, perhaps Emma got a little overzealous with her psionic blasts and destroyed the dojo, or maybe Brennan jet-propulsed himself through the waterfall...or maybe Adam just took a transformational class in interior design. In any case, Sanctuary’s interior has been drastically altered since the last episode: the dojo, waterfall, garden, and reflecting pool have been replaced with a small living room set, a big fake rock, a pulsating energy column, and a spiral staircase. The main computer has been divided into two workstations with two computers each, and the hangar bay and the Double Helix are also different.

Also, Emma’s hair is red now. Brennan still cheats, though, so some things never change.

Proxy Blue is back (briefly), but with enlarged breasts enlarged and bared midriff. In fact, the entire episode seems to showcase scantily clad women, from Dr. Aziza performing advanced genetic medicine in Gabriel's bed, to Valerie fighting Mutant X in a skirt that's barely there. Then, of course, there's Avaris cat-fighting Aziza in the vat before rising triumphant with clinging wet tee-shirt which she must change out of immediately--while Gabriel watches. Oy.

Okay, I know she’s distracted with Gabriel in her head and everything, but you would think Shalimar would stop trying to lunge at Gabriel by now. He creates force-fields, after all. In a similar vein, later on, Gabriel repeatedly throws energy balls at Jesse, when he’s clearly massed. Didn’t work the first time, dude. It probably won’t work the third time either.

Gabriel says that he's been in the pod for twenty-five years. Presumably, he either acquired followers when he was ten years old who remained loyal for the next two and a half decades, or he recruited the members of The Strand telepathically from the pod.

In the scene where Jesse leaves Emma stuck in the wall at Gabriel's house, shouldn't she have been cut in half when it re-materializes?

Also, when Jesse leaves Emma to gather Gabriel’s genetic sample, Jesse phases the wall before walking through it. Since Emma's not coming too, why doesn't he just phase himself? Perhaps after the error with Emma, he’s practicing his tactics.

Ever since the tennis ball incident in "Crime of the New Century," Brennan’s constantly playing with something in his hands whenever he talks. This trend will continue into the third season.

For people who know how dangerous Gabriel is, Jesse and Brennan seem remarkably unconcerned about investigating his movements, preferring to continue their basketball game instead.

How can an electrical elemental be electrocuted? Shouldn’t that be impossible unless he’s wet?

Shalimar’s white top in this episode is identical to the one she wears in “Crossroads of the Soul,” except that one’s blue. Either these are two different shirts in a set, or someone accidentally left navy blue socks in the white load of laundry. In “At Destiny’s End,” Shalimar will cut her losses and just dye the thing black.

How are Emma and Shalimar able to simply waltz into the ancient depths of the Egyptian pyramid without attracting any attention? And why are they the only people in the vicinity? Are the pyramids in the MXverse no longer a tourist attraction?

Adam admits that his knowledge of the black arts isn’t up to par. Yet his professed lack of expertise doesn’t hinder him in the least when he announces (at first glance) that Avaris’s parchment contains extremely powerful magic. It doesn’t affect his instantly acquired ability to read and pronouce ancient Egyptian correctly either.

What on earth makes Adam think Gabriel's going to trust him, given their history? Let's review for a minute. Adam invented subdermal governors and stasis pods specifically to subdue Gabriel. Adam then locked him in a coma for 25 years. When Gabriel finally escaped in “A Breed Apart,” Adam sent Mutant X after him. Adam then forces his way into Gabriel’s lair and shoots him with a device that--let’s face it--looks like a gun, saying "Trust me?" Really. Bad. Plan.

Gabriel’s standing at ground zero when Avaris goes supernova, but he walks into "Time Squared" without a scratch on him. As Jesse says, "I thought this guy was supposed to be sick?"

Adam tells Shalimar that he believes their growth spurts will reoccur in the future and implies that, though their DNA is more stable than Gabriel's, this will shorten their lifespan as it has his. They can't be that much more stable, though, because Jesse's expiry date comes up the very next year, two weeks before “The Assault.”

Someone should really explain to both Ashlocke and the writers that there's no such thing as genetic memory.

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