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Patricia -- Played by Sandrine Holt


Mutant Type: Elemental (Electrical).

First Appearance: "The Future Revealed."

Quote: "He's in our minds because he loves us."

Details: Patricia was a member of Gabriel Ashlocke's group of mutant followers, The Strand. The dying Gabriel chose her to be the instrument of destruction in his "Last Testament" plan to take the entire city with him at his death. His mind control over her was erratic, however, so that when Mutant X came to stop Gabriel at the Club Paradiso, Patricia created an energy wall around Mutant X which slowed down the electrons from The Links' attack. In return, Mutant X took her to Sanctuary for protection against Gabriel, only to find that Gabriel had already taken over Sanctuary with codes from Shalimar Fox's mind. Fearing Gabriel's wrath, Patricia refused to tell them about his plans. Learning that Adam Kane did not intend to cure him, Gabriel telepathically forced Patricia to use her abilities to speed up electrons to blow up the city with a power plant's transformer. Fortunately, Shalimar and Emma deLauro were able to convince Patricia to fight his influence, and Gabriel died without seeing his revenge fulfilled.

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Tags: mutant x bible
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