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Paxton, Patty

Patty Paxton -- Played by Joan Gregson

Patty Paxton.

First Appearance: "Age of Innocence."

Quote: "William? Where are you taking Mr. Kilmartin?"

Details: Patty Paxton was a resident of Clark Port Veteran's Hospital along with Jesse Kilmartin's grandfather William. After William was injected with Colonel Henry Burns's anti-aging serum, he frightened Patty out of her wits by coming to visit her looking 60 years younger. Once the effects of the serum had worn off, he returned to the nursing home for a more tender reunion with "my gal back home."

Trivia: Though the two are clearly romantically involved, it isn't so clear exactly what the relationship is between Patty Paxton and William Kilmartin is. She doesn't recognize Jesse when he comes to rescue William, so she's probably not his grandmother. And her last name is different from William's so they're either not married or divorced. She seems to recognize him when he appears in front of her 60 years younger, so they've either known one another a long time or she's seen photos of him from his war days.

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