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Poe, Ethan

Ethan Poe -- Played by Robert Seeliger

Ethan Poe.

First Appearance: "Divided Loyalties."

Quote: Ethan: "Yo, Static! What’re you gonna remember this time?"
Brennan: "The rules of engagement."

Details: Ethan Poe was the head of the gang that Adam Kane hired to steal a disk containing The Dominion’s genetic research. Brennan Mulwray, unaware of Adam’s involvement, took the fatally wounded Einstein’s place in the gang in order to uncover the buyer’s identity. Walking out with the prized disk, Ethan demonstrated his unwillingness to share the profits by shooting his partner Nick. Brennan quickly pulled his friend Cole Thatcher out of the gang and electrocuted Ethan before he could harm anyone else.

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