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Porter, Calvin

Calvin Porter -- Played by Derwin Jordan

Calvin Porter.

Mutant Type: Elemental (Sonic).

First Appearance: "Blood Ties."

Quote: "Hold it right there, champ. Hand over the disk, or become an instant orphan."

Details: GS agent Calvin Porter's mutancy had enhanced his hearing to such a degree that he had to wear headphones to block out everyday noise lest he be deafened. When Jesse Kilmartin's father Noah attempted to blackmail Nexxogen and Genomex with information about past misdeeds, GS agent Calvin Porter convinced Mason Eckhart to allow him to procure the incriminating disk. Noah had slipped the disk to Jesse for safekeeping, but once Mason agreed to pay for it, Noah led the GS agents right to its hiding place...and to Jesse. As the GS agents fired on him, Jesse ripped the headphones from Calvin's highly sensitive ears, incapacitating him with the sound of gunshots. Because of his failure to complete his mission, Mason had Calvin placed in a stasis hit counter
Tags: mutant x bible
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