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Prion Weapon

Prion Weapon.

First Appearance: "Wages of Sin."

Details: Created by the geneticist Dominique and placed in the care of casino owner Kristen Greg, the aerosol released by this weapon contained prions that altered cellular proteins, causing immediate cellular breakdown and death.

Technobabble: Jesse: That's what was in the container. It's called a prion.
Shalimar: What is it? Some kind of poison?
Jesse: It's a modified protein molecule. Now there it is up against a normal body protein. The amino acid sequence is the same in both, but the 3D configuration is different. Basically, the prion is a mirror image of a normal protein. The nasty part is that it's able to convert normal proteins to its own shape, molecule by molecule.
Brennan: The biological equivalent of a nuclear meltdown.
Jesse: Yeah, and it's been weaponized. It's distributed in an aerosol form, now just a couple of ounces of this stuff in the water supply could kill half the city.

Trivia: Read about prions and the diseases they cause here and here.
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