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Project IET

Project IET.

First Appearance: "Shadows of Darkness."

Details: Trendall Laboratories developed a new cortisol formula as an experimental treatment for phobias. Dr. Denise Willett, as the administrator of one of Trendall's hospitals St. Pastor's, agreed to test it on some children in her psychiatric ward. During Project IET (Intensive Exposure Therapy), entymophobe Johnny Cummings, agoraphobe Sandy Fetko, and 6 other children were given daily cortisol shots to increase their fear response when exposed to their phobias. To put an end to this nightmarish experience, Johnny turned on the supply room's gas valves so that the room exploded when Nurse Donna Campbell entered to smoke. Nurse Campbell and the children died in the fire, and Dr. Willett buried the Project IET files deep in the hospital's basement in the hopes that they would never resurface.

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