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Project Nine

Project Nine

First Appearance: "She's Come Undone."

Quote: Prison Matron: "What the hell is that?"
Lexa: "You wouldn’t believe me if I told you."
Matron: "Try me."
Lexa: "Okay. I spent some time in a genetic laboratory where an egomaniacal freak tried to rewire my nervous system, turning me into a robot killer."
Matron: "I’m watching you, sweetpea."

Details: When Lexa Pierce attempted to leave the GSA after learning that her brother was being tortured in a Genomex lab, Mason Eckhart punished her by making her a subject in Project Nine. Scientist Dr. Remy Arnot, technologist Dr. Beatrice Lang, Dr. John Gonsalves, and surgical specialist Dr. Samuel Howell connected a neural implant into her brain which put Lexa into a REM-like trance, allowing them to control her central nervous system and thereby her actions. She crippled her future Dominion Contact while under this control. Efforts by ex-Genomex geneticist Adam Kane and Dominion doctors to remove or completely deactivate the implant were unsuccessful, for years later Dr. Gonsalves reactivated the implant. He compelled her to kill 3 Project Nine doctors and several other Dominion employees working at Maxxlon Industries. With Adam's help, Jesse Kilmartin was able to surgically remove the implant.

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