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Prophecy, The

Mutant X Episode Synopses

The Prophecy: Episode #320.

Tag: Brennan battles with a Guardian of the Prophecy to stop the late mutant Ashlocke’s plan from beyond the grave of world domination. [Transcript]

Cast & Crew: Written by Michelle Lovretta; Directed by Timothy Bond
Melyssa Ade....Kara Whitely
Wayne Best....John Bishop
Tim Burd....The Guardian
Patrick Chilvers....Dooley
Philip DeWilde....Nathan Reynolds
Yurij Kis....Molecular Link
Mitchell Lazar....The Child
Monika Schnarre....Riley Morgan
Chris Szarka....Thug

Official Synopsis: Mutant Nathan Reynolds (Philip Dewilde) is being chased by the Guardian (Timothy Burd) when he phases himself through a wall into an alley. Seeing a phone booth, Nathan calls an unsuspecting Brennan (Victor Webster) and has just enough time to warn him about a Prophecy that they are both a part of before the Guardian catches up and kills him. After tracing the call, Brennan and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) head out. Arriving at the phone booth, which is smothered in viscous goo, Shalimar senses something and pulls Brennan down, saving him from the acid-spitting Guardian lurking in the shadows. The Mutant X pair are battling the Guardian when psionic mutant Riley Morgan (Monika Schnarre) suddenly appears and knocks the Guardian back with psiblasts. Safe for the moment, they notice Nathan’s body stuck to the wall by crystallizing acid and Shalimar takes a sample of the goo as Brennan talks to Riley. Explaining that she is a bounty hunter after a package in the Guardian’s possession, Riley allows Brennan to tag along. Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar coldly requests Jesse (Forbes March) analyze the goo before storming off. Lexa (Karen Cliche) approaches Shalimar to help her cope with her frustrations over Brennan leaving her behind. In Riley’s car, sexual tension builds between Brennan and Riley as they wait for a lead on the Guardian’s next victim, feral Kara Whitely (Melissa Ade). At Sanctuary, the camaraderie is also growing between Lexa and Jesse. Jesse discovers that the Guardian is an arachnid-based transgenic hybrid and explains that the arachnid cross means it’s defense system consists of an impermeable exoskeleton, poisonous stinger and ability to spit out solidifying acid. At the same time, Riley and Brennan spot Kara’s dealer and strong-arm him for information. They learn that Kara is living in her van and hangs out at a bar called Red Sky. As Riley and Brennan leave, the Guardian lunges out of the shadows and grabs the informant, looking for the same information on Kara. Back at Sanctuary, Lexa discovers that the Guardian is connected to Gabriel Ashlocke and is part of a group called “The Links,” who are dedicated to helping Ashlocke take over the world. Psionic John Bishop (Wayne Best), the most powerful precog, is one of the Links and is currently being held at an asylum. Shalimar and Jesse pay Bishop a visit where they find him heavily medicated. All of a sudden, Bishop has a moment of lucidity and grabs Shalimar’s hand while calling out her name. Pulling away, a shocked Shalimar comlinks Lexa to record Bishop’s mumbling. Later at Sanctuary, Shalimar, Jesse and Lexa work to decipher the recording and after playing it backwards, they hear Bishop proclaim “From the Blood of Four/Will come Our Son…Once All Signs Pass/If the Links Remain/The Heart of Ashlocke/Will Live Again.” Before Shalimar rushes off to see Bishop for more leads, she insists they keep this from Brennan since Riley is a telepath and they don’t know if they can trust her. Left alone, Lexa and Jesse flirt as they discuss Brennan and Shalimar’s relationship. Things between them are just heating up when their computer search for Riley alerts them. After reading that Riley is a Link, Lexa decides to inform Brennan. At the bar, Riley takes a break from Brennan to cool down from their steamy conversation. While she’s away, Jesse and Lexa comlink him and fill him in on the Links’ mission of establishing a new world order and that Riley’s involved. When Riley returns, Brennan sees that she has telepathically learned that he knows everything. Before she can explain, Riley spots Kara and they take off after her. They corner Kara outside and try to calm her down but the Guardian appears and kills her. Brennan hits him with a tesla coil, but Riley stops him and lets the Guardian escape. Meanwhile, Shalimar is with Bishop at the asylum looking for more details on the Prophecy. She is greatly concerned when Bishop declares “The Child will be born, but for our hold to last, all four signs must come to pass: The Moon will fall; Two Bloods will be dashed; the child will choose; and the mountain will crash.” Outside the bar, Riley admits that she was once involved with Ashlocke but claims he lied to her and she is now on Brennan’s side. They search Kara’s van and find pictures of “The Child,” who Riley says is Ashlocke’s second coming. She then shocks Brennan by revealing the Child is their biological son, along with Nathan and Kara. She explains that the Links worked at Genomex and gathered mutant DNA from the four of them to create the Child. Riley says that they must stop the signs that herald the Child’s transformation in order to prevent the Prophecy from coming true. Meanwhile, Shalimar is at the asylum and relays what Bishop says about the Child’s coming to Jesse and Lexa. Based on what Bishop reveals, Jesse comlinks Brennan with a possible location for the Guardian and he and Riley rush off. They find the Guardian with the Child and engage in battle. As Brennan and Riley batter the Guardian with their combined powers, the Child looks on helplessly. All of a sudden, the Child raises his hands at Brennan and Riley and the two are thrown back against a wall. When they regain their feet, they see the Child and Guardian are gone. They are further disturbed when they realize they just witnessed the third sign, “The Child will choose.” At Sanctuary, Jesse researches mountain ranges hoping to decipher the fourth sign “The mountain will crash.” He comlinks Brennan with what he’s certain is the location and Brennan in turn calls Shalimar for backup. A short time later, Brennan and Riley are making their way through a tunnel inside of the mountain range when two Links appear and attack them. Shalimar arrives just as the mountain begins to crumble and as she and Brennan take out the Links, Riley runs off to find the Child. Using her feral senses, Shalimar tracks Riley and they find her linked psionicly to the Child. Breaking the connection, Riley explains that the Child isn’t evil and that she wants to protect him. She tells Brennan that the Child wants him to join them, but he insists he cannot do so. When they hear the Guardian approaching, Brennan makes a decision and tells Riley to take the Child and leave. He the comlinks Jesse, who has found a weakness in the Guardian’s arachnid structure. Armed with this information, Shalimar takes the Guardian down for good. The next day, Shalimar visits Bishop and asks what the future holds for Mutant X. Bishop simply tells her that the final battle is upon them and that “Four will begin. True love will call. One will betray…And one will fall.”

Quotes: Shalimar: How'd this guy find your number?
Brennan: I don't know. There's been far too much of that happening lately. I think we need an answering service.
Shalimar: What, like, "Mutant X can't come to the phone right now, we're too busy saving the world...again"?

Riley Morgan: You two should get out of here. Hello? Ken, Barbie? Chop-chop.

Brennan: Hey, where do you think you're going?
Riley Morgan: What? Can't a girl just take a stroll down an alley anymore?
Brennan: Look, cut the crap, all right? Obviously you know something.
Riley: All right. The guy that jumped you is called The Guardian. I've been on his trail for the past month.
Brennan: Why?
Riley: I'm a bounty hunter. He's been watching a package that I'm after. Your turn. What's your part in this? And don't bother lying. I'll know.
Shalimar: You an empath?
Riley: Telepath.
Shalimar: Good for you.
Brennan: Well, there's not really a whole lot to tell. Got a call from this guy. Said his name was Nathan and that there's some prophecy that I'm a part of.
Riley: Did he say anything else? Details?
Brennan: Mostly, I just heard him screaming. So if I'm involved in this and you're going after that killer, than I'm going with you.
Riley: Really? 'Cause I must have missed the part where I invited you.
Shalimar: Guess we could always go find him ourselves. But then you'd risk us finding him first.
Riley: All right. You can tag along. But the feral goes home.
Brennan: Deal. [to Shalimar] 'S cool.

Lexa: Oh, for God's sake make a move already! I'm hearing crickets.
Jesse: Relax. You know, you can tell a lot about a person's romantic style by the way they play games. For some, it's just all about the finish. But for others, well, they take their time, enjoying the moves it takes to get you there.
Lexa: Well, fast, slow. As long as I win. Checkmate.

Shalimar: Jess, I need you to analyze this for me.
Jesse: Good to see you too.
Lexa: What happened at the meet?
Shalimar: By the time we got there, Brennan's contact was already dead.
Lexa: Well, where is Brennan?
Shalimar: Hell if I know. Ran into a bounty hunter, and he took off with her to follow the killer. I was cordially disinvited.

Jesse: He was slimed. Cool!
Lexa: You are so weird sometimes.

Lexa: So. How hot is she?
Shalimar: Who?
Lexa: [whistles] That hot, huh? Look, Shal. Speaking as your friend-- [Shal snorts] Okay, speaking as've really got to clear up your Brennan issues.
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Lexa: I'm talking about every time he gets near another girl your hackles go up.
Shalimar: Okay. First, you're way off. And second? You are way off. We're like family.
Lexa: Yeah? Well, I hope you like it that way. 'Cause until you get honest with yourself and Brennan, that's all you two will ever be. You know what, Shal? He has every right to keep looking.

Riley Morgan: Understanding people's weaknesses is half of my job.
Brennan: Really? So what are your weaknesses?
Riley: Pretty boys who ask too many questions. You?
Brennan: Aggressive chicks with a superiority complex.

Lexa: I'm coming up with nothing so far on this bounty hunter. I mean, Riley's probably an alias.
Shalimar: Maybe it's her stripper name.
Lexa: Meow!

Riley Morgan: There's our guy. Uh, hello? What are you doing?
Brennan: Getting out of the car.
Riley: Look, you aren't used to this kind of subtle interrogation, all right? It takes finesse, style.
Brennan: Oh, I got your style right here.
Riley: No, you've got voltage. You can't just fry your snitches, all right? They'll never help you again. Informants are like trees for bounty hunters. A renewable resource.
Brennan: Is there a books-on-tape version of this lecture? 'Cause it's making me kinda sleepy.
Riley: Stand back and watch, GQ. You might actually learn something.

Bruiser: You two got a problem?
Brennan: Me? Nah. I'm just here to learn.

Lexa: I was checking a little deeper into The Guardian, and guess who he used to party with? Gabriel Ashlocke.
Shalimar: You've gotta be kidding me.
Lexa: Not even a little. The Guardian was part of something called The Links?
Jesse: Yeah, we know about The Links. They were Ashlocke's mutant followers, totally obssessed with him, wanted to help him take over the world. Not happy memories.
Lexa: Oh. Well, do you guys know what happened to The Links after Ashlocke died? Most of them drifted, but a hard core part of The Links, like our little bug boy here, they splintered off. Including this guy, Mr. John Bishop. Their pet psionic. Most powerful precog on the map.
Jesse: Looks like the kind of guy who could be into the prophecy biz.
Lexa: Yeah.
Shalimar: You think he's still in contact with The Guardian?
Lexa: Well, I was thinking Jess and I should pay him a visit, find out. It's just that Bishop's locked in an asylum, and I know how much they freak you out.
Shalimar: So does anything having to do with Ashlocke. I'll go.

Riley Morgan: [in a headlock] Are you honestly just gonna stand there posing?!

Brennan: You've got some nice moves.
Riley Morgan: You should see me dance.
Brennan: Although using psionics to win a fight? That's cheating.
Riley: This from the human cattle prod?

Shalimar: What's wrong with him? Dementia?
Jesse: Oh, no, drugs. He's got enough cc's of Thorazine in him to knock out a cow. A really, really big cow.
Shalimar: Shhh. Listen, what's he saying?
Jesse: He's so tranked out I doubt he knows his own name.
John Bishop: Shalimar. I told you you'd come back.
Shalimar: We've never met.
John: We're still back there? At the beginning? Moving so slowly...
Jesse: Okay, that was really creepy.

Riley Morgan: Save it. She's not interested. Actually, none of them are. I feel a complete lack of attraction to you in here.
Brennan: Please. If you were any hotter for me, I'd get a suntan.

Lexa: I'm telling you, there's something going on between them.
Jesse: Between Brennan and Shalimar, are you mental? They've always been like that.
Lexa: Please, she has no perspective with him. Every impulse is on a ten.
Jesse: She's a feral. She's just marking her territory.
Lexa: Oh my god, she gets any more territorial with Brennan, she'll have to pee on his leg. Let's pretend I never said that.
Jesse: Already tried.

Jesse: Still, though. You’ve got to admit that having a relationship with somebody you live and work with could be tough.
Lexa: Why?
Jesse: Well, it’s risky. I mean, what if you’re misinterpreting them? What if they’re just pretending to like you because they get off on the whole power trip, while the whole time they’re just waiting to pull the rug from under you so you can fall flat on your ass, you know what I mean? Hypothetically speaking.
Lexa: Well, there’s only ever one way to find out, you know? Somebody’s got to make the first move. Hypothetically speaking. The meek may inherit the earth, Jesse, but they never get the girl.
Jesse: Who’re you calling meek?

Brennan: So, how’d you get into this line of work?
Riley Morgan: Let’s see. Make my own rules, kick some bad guy ass, what could be better than that? Plus, it’s the perfect gig for a psionic.
Brennan: Well, I guess that explains why you’re so cocky. What? I meant being able to tell when someone’s lying to you.
Riley: Someone actually did, once.
Brennan: And?
Riley: I’ll never let anyone get that close again.
Brennan: Well, you can’t go through life living like that.
Riley: Maybe. But I’m not the only one with trust issues here. I can feel you have your doubts about me.
Brennan: Well, you don’t have to be a psionic to be a good judge of character.
Riley: Really? So what’re you picking up on me? [she kisses him]
Brennan: What am I picking up on you? Well, that you’ve got something to hide and you’re afraid I’ll figure it out. And just for the record, I will.

Shalimar: I want the truth. All of it.
John Bishop: People don’t want the truth from me. They want fairy tales, happy endings.
Shalimar: Just tell me about the prophecy.
John: Oh, you mean The Child.
Shalimar: What child?
John: Son of four bloods, come to raise The Links above all others. Ashlocke died before he could fulfill his promise. With this Child, The Links will shape a new world.
Shalimar: How can we stop it?
John: If it is meant to be stopped, it will be. If it’s not, it won’t. Time will tell...
Shalimar: I want specifics!
John: A child will be born. But for our hold to last, all four signs must come to pass. The moon will fall. Two bloods will be dashed. The Child will choose. And the mountain will crash. So I have seen, so it shall be.
Shalimar: You’re crazy.
John: Then I’m in the right place!
Shalimar: What does this child have to do with Brennan?
John: [begins to cackle] Haven’t you guessed yet?

Brennan: What if Kara doesn’t show?
Riley Morgan: Damn, you’re impatient. Are you in this much of a hurry for everything?
Brennan: Not everything.
Riley: Really? Let me see...
Brennan: No, stay outta my head.
Riley: Oh, please. I'd die of boredom in there.
Brennan: Oh, I see how it is.
Riley: Okay, okay. Maybe I took it too far. Forgive me.
Brennan: Maybe. If you ask me really really nicely.
Riley: Pretty please?
Brennan: Nicer.
Riley: With me on top?
Brennan: C’mon, this isn’t fair. You’re playing dirty.
Riley: This isn’t playing.
Jesse: Brennan? You there?
Brennan: You know, when this is all over, maybe you and I should...
Riley Morgan: You and I should...what?
Brennan: You’re the psionic, why don’t you tell me?
Riley: Why don’t you get us another beer...and maybe some ice?

Brennan: What do you mean, he’s our son?
Riley Morgan: Not just ours. I mean, our DNA helped create him.
Brennan: What?
Riley: Look, Kara, Nathan, yours, mine. One from each mutant type.
Brennan: Okay, how’d they get my DNA?
Riley: Well, I’m sure you’ve been leaving it all over town.

Riley: I remember having this feeling ever since I was a real young kid that I was meant to do something with my life, something that mattered. And for a while, I thought that was protecting Ashlocke.
Brennan: You fell for the whole, “I’m the mutant savior” crap?
Riley: When he died, I stayed with The Links. When Bishop spoke his prophecy and named me one of the chosen four, I actually felt blessed. But if Bishop’s correct, The Links will warp that child and make him darker and deadlier than any mutant we’ve seen, including Ashlocke.

John Bishop: I knew you would come. I knew it. Before you were even born. Do you know that? Are we in the present?
Shalimar: Yeah. I need to know what the lat two signs mean, Bishop. The mountain will crash, what is the mountain?
John: The Child’s home, the fortress. His castle underground. The last of The Links have spent these two years since his birth readying it for him.
Shalimar: While The Guardian watched over him.
John: The time is ready for The Child to descend now to rule where no ill hand could reach him.
Shalimar: Where is he?
John: You are railing against that which cannot be stopped!
Shalimar: If it can’t be stopped, then there’s no harm in telling. Unless you aren’t as sure of your predictions as you pretend.
John: You try holding it all inside your head, girl. All the possible futures in all the world, getting a fresh glimpse with every hand you touch. See how easy it is for you to find the one true way!

John Bishop: Shalimar, do you want to know how you will die?
Shalimar: I prefer the suspense, thanks.
John: And what of Brennan? Would you not like to know how it ends for him if there’s a chance you could save him from it?
Shalimar: I don’t want to hear another word from you.
John: You will.

Lexa: I’ll tell you, I don’t know what those linkheads were thinking. Two mutants having kids is stupid enough, but mixing four--
Jesse: Whoa. Back that up. Just back that up. Two mutants having kids is stupid? Since when?
Lexa: Since eighty percent of the time they’re biological disasters.
Jesse: What about the other twenty?
Lexa: Selfish impulse!
Jesse: I’m sorry. Last time I checked procreation was a basic human right.
Lexa: Hmm... And the last time I checked we weren’t basic humans. Oh, stop looking at me like I just killed your puppy. You know I’m right. Jess, our very existence is screwing with the natural order of things. The only way to make it right again is to let us mutants die out. That’s it.

Jesse: You're ashamed of your mutation.
Lexa: Oh my god. What are you talking about?
Jesse: I can’t believe that I never noticed it before. But admit it! Deep down, you’re a self-loathing mutant.
Lexa: Do you hear how stupid you’re sounding right now or is it just me?
Jesse: I mean, you’re not exactly the poster child for the picture perfect family, so why would it surprise me that you’re an anti-breeder?
Lexa: Okay, well, I’m also right. Tell me, Jess, how many times have we had to step in to avert mutant-caused disasters just with the few of us that exist so far?
Jesse: That is such a cheap argument.
Lexa: No, it’s not.
Jesse: Oh, come on. Like there’s not criminals out there in the normal society as well.
Lexa: None that are their own personal biological weapons, no!
Jesse: Oh...
Lexa: It’s evolution, Jess. Survival of the fittest? That’s us. We’ll live and we’ll thrive, but you know what? The rest of humanity is going to die, and that’s not suppose to happen.
Jesse: What if it is?
Lexa: What?
Jesse: What if there are no cosmic accidents? What if Adam was suppose to create us? And we’re the beginning of...I don’t know....the beginning of a new phase of humanity?
Lexa: Whatever helps you sleep. I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree, that’s all.
Jesse: Fine.
Lexa: Fine.
Jesse: Lexa, please look. All I’m saying is, if there were a hundred little baby Lexas running around out there in the world that were all going to grow up to be just like you, I happen to think the world would be a better place. Yep. A frustrating....pigheaded.....beautiful place. What?
Lexa: Sometimes–-for a moron–-you say exactly the right thing.

Brennan: Shal, where you at?
Shalimar: In the Helix, not far from you.
Brennan: All right. I have a feeling we’re gonna be very outnumbered, so you got my back?
Shalimar: Always.
Riley Morgan: So it’s her.
Brennan: Who?
Riley: The woman whose fingerprints I feel all over your heart.
Brennan: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Besides, didn’t I tell you to stay out of my head?
Riley Morgan: Oh, that wasn’t psionics, honey. That was just female intuition.

Riley Morgan: It’s not what you think, Brennan. I was wrong. He isn’t evil. He’s just a boy.
Shalimar: He’s tricking her, just like Ashlocke.
Riley: He’s nothing like Ashlocke! I’ve looked inside his mind, Brennan. And he’s beautiful. The opposite of everything I thought. I trust him.
Brennan: What about the prophecy?
Riley: The third sign was, The Child will choose.
Brennan: Yeah, he chose The Guardian.
Riley: No, he chose to let us live. He freed himself from the prophecy by choosing that path. By following the good inside. Let me take him.
Brennan: No.
Riley: We can run from The Links.
Brennan: You’d spend the rest of your life running.
Riley: I told you I would spend the rest of my life making up for Ashlocke. This is how I was meant to do it. Please don’t take that from me. He wants you to come with us.
Brennan: Can’t.
Riley: They’ll kill him before they’ll let us have him, you know that.
Brennan: Go.

Shalimar: Your prophecy was false. We let The Child go. There was nothing evil about him.
John Bishop: There's something evil about all of us. It's our choice which face we show. Ask me a question, my little feral.
Shalimar: Tell me how it ends. What happens to me and my friends?
John: The final battle is upon you all. Four will begin, true love will call. One will betray, and one will fall.
Shalimar: Fall, what do you mean fall? Do you mean die?

Trivia & Nitpicks: This is the last of several Mutant X episodes which feature a creepy mental hospital; in the opening scene doctors and nurses walk blithely by patients in obvious distress. Somebody call the APA.

New toy in Sanctuary: Shalimar’s boxing bag. Second appearance of Brennan’s barbells. Third and last appearance of the glass chess set.

A cross between a hobo spider and a whip scorpion, The Guardian is the second arachnid feral in the series. He's much less human than Lorna Templeton.

The different team members get incoming calls differently, apparently. Jesse talks to his computer when Alisha contacts him (his is the only one which seems to have caller ID on it), Shalimar answers Gia’s call in the main hall (why doesn’t Gia have her private number?), and Brennan picks up a cellphone to talk to Nathan Reynolds. How Nathan got Brennan’s private number when Brennan’s not even aware that he was part of Gabriel Ashlocke's plans is anybody’s guess. Shalimar and Bren joke about too many incoming calls to Sanctuary of late, but they never answer the question of how Nathan got Brennan's number.

As Shalimar and Brennan walk to find Nathan’s phone booth, you see the rather hokey-looking solar eclipse occurring in the background.

Let’s talk about The Guardian’s sporadically deadly mucus for a minute. The mucus is supposedly caustic enough to destroy the metal of Nathan's phone booth and melt Nathan's body. But as Shalimar kicks Brennan to the ground to protect him from being sprayed, his right foot is clearly soaked in mucus, though it seems to be none the worse for it. It's also weird that Shalimar's able to collect samples of something that acidic with a simple plastic pipette.

By the by, why does Shalimar have a pipette on her in the first place? Does she carry a chemistry kit hidden in her skin-tight leather pants, ready to whip out in case there should be some mucus to collect?

It is kinda sad that nobody really feels sorry for Nathan’s death. Shalimar’s too busy steaming about Brennan’s running off with Riley, and Jesse frankly thinks that it’s cool that he was slimed. Whatever happened to their compassion for their fellow mutants?

The photo of the Guardian which Jesse pulls up in the mutant database is actually taken from the previous scene where The Guardian attacked Shalimar and Brennan; you can plainly see Brennan’s tesla-coil-holding hand in the picture.

Kara is the second feral druggie we've seen. I guess the message is, "Don't do drugs, kids. You could end up being cloned and used for the pleasure of wealthy men, or slimed to death by a spider/scorpion man after your DNA has been stolen by a power-hungry psychopath."

Gabriel Ashlocke was the reason Genomex shut down. Lexa used to work at Genomex; she even knows what became of the pods after Genomex's demise. How can she not have heard about The Links before this episode?

Why did Ashlocke choose Brennan, of all people, to add to his successor's DNA? He didn't seem to be terribly impressed with Brennan during his lifetime.

Riley is the first psionic in the series to use finger telepathy, though she does have a psionic blast like Emma’s. When Riley mind-blasts Brennnan, can't you just imagine Emma's ghost laughing at the payback for the times he electrocuted her?

While giving a prophecy, John Bishop’s eyes turn black like Marc Griffin’s while memory absorbing. This process seems to be automatically triggered by touch, though he can tell riddles at any time. The main difference seems to be that when his eyes are black, he rhymes. For example...

Bishop's riddle: Tell the last of the bloods that they will find The Guardian where tracks meet water under destiny. (Man, didn't that boat look fake?)

Bishop’s prophecies: From the blood of four will come our son / Once all signs pass / If the Links remain / The Heart of Ashlocke will live again.

The Child will be born / But for our hold to last / All four signs must come to pass / The moon will fall / Two bloods will be dashed / The Child will choose / And the mountain will crash.

Four will begin / True love will call / One will betray / And one will fall.

I am still confused about why Bishop occasionally speaks in reverse. Shalimar says it's because he is "unstuck in time. Backwards, forwards, they're the same to him." Since his body is still clearly in the present at all times, isn't he time-travelling in his mind only? And if so, why would he be speaking backwards?

Riley and Brennan wait for Kara in The Red Sky Bar. This may be a reference to season one's "Lazarus Syndrome": In "Lazarus Syndrome," Emma and Brennan are in The Red Bar when Emma teases Brennan about the fact that a woman in the bar isn't interested in him. In "The Prophecy," Riley (another psionic) has a very similar conversation with Brennan as they wait in the Red Sky Bar.

Brennan tells Riley to read his mind when he knows Jesse’s waiting to talk to him about her. Isn't that a bit risky?

Riley tells Brennan that most of The Links were Genomex’s.

Bishop says that The Child was born two years ago...but the kid looks to be about 7 or 8.

The child has input from 4 bloods–which of them did force-fields and teleportation? If it was the molecular Nathan, then he should have had no difficulty stopping The Guardian from killing him.

Jesse tells Shalimar to aim for the part of the Guardian’s back where the plates overlap. Shal, of course, hits the exact spot on the first try, though it’s impossible to see through his coat and she has never seen Jesse’s computer image to guide her. X-ray vision must be her new growth spurt.

Does anyone besides Brennan and Riley really believe The Child is NOT evil?

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