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Protocanth, The

The Protocanth -- Played by Joel Harris

The Protocanth.

First Appearance: "Reawakening."

Details: Millions of years ago, the Protocanth was a formidable predator living in what is now the Arctic Circle. Following in her father's footsteps, Dr. Louise Koby searched for and unearthed a frozen specimen, bringing it aboard her freighter. The warm temperature aboard the ship revived the Protocanth, which then used its ability to sense the fear of its victims to hunt down the captain and several crew members, sucking them dry of their bodily fluids. Emma deLauro used herself as bait to lure the creature out in the open, where her teammates refroze it with liquid nitrogen. Louise reburied the Protocanth along with a warning to any future explorers.

Trivia: The actor behind the Protcanth's mask in this episode, Joel Harris, also played The Guardian in "The Prophecy."

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