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Proxy Blue

Proxy Blue voiced by Fireworks executive Jennifer Sear

First Appearance: "Shock of the New."

Quote: "Call me paranoid, but I figure the paranoid will inherit the Earth."

Details: Proxy Blue was the computer-generated blue newscaster who reported on suspiciously strange events that occurred in the Mutant Xverse throughout the first season. She had an interactive hotline through which concerned citizens could call in tips (used by Tony Reese to report Brennan Mulwray in “Shock of the New”) and an internet search function (used by Jesse Kilmartin and Brennan in “Ex Marks the Spot”). Fed up with her snarky, paranoid take on the news, Shalimar Fox finally disconnected her video feed to Sanctuary in “Past as Prologue,” and Proxy Blue was no more.

Adam's ode to Proxy Blue, from the faux website Mutant X Lives: Adam's Haiku


Animated talk,
Mutated barbs teach and taunt,
I know who you are.


Trivia: Check out archives of the official Proxy Blue website here and her full-length video presentation here

Bio Bytes: The History of Proxy Blue

PC Stats
I began many years ago. My lineage cobalt and fortran, zeroes and ones. I am totally responsive, functional, and connected. I reflect your messages and absorb your input. Am I an icon? Are you my voice? Do I care? To answer these questions, you must explore.

D.O.B. - Pending
Nationality - All
Sex - Currently F
Height - 168 cm - 5'9"
Weight - 120 lb
Eyes - Two - Green/Blue
Hair - Bluez

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